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Regardless of whether it is a large briefcase or a small briefcase, a briefcase is the constant companion for the next business meeting.

We all don't want to miss it: A briefcase offers just the right place for important documents and all the things you need for everyday life. A fashionable business briefcase enhances every outfit. A men's briefcase and matching shoes make for a perfect outfit with a dark blue suit. But even with jeans, a briefcase can turn your outfit into a special eye-catcher and give your casual look that certain something. There are many briefcases. It is all the more important to choose a briefcase that meets your own requirements for quality, comfort and design.

If you want to buy a briefcase, we are more than convinced that we will not only meet your requirement but also exceed your expectations.

Buy a briefcase - which one suits me?

Briefcases, briefcases, briefcases .... No matter whether it is a leather briefcase in black, a briefcase in brown leather or a briefcase in blue: With us you will find a variety of different color combinations that will make your heart beat faster for briefcases. Our leather briefcase is characterized by its unique workmanship and its high level of comfort.

Gentlemen are often faced with the question of which leather briefcase suits them? With the purchase of one of our briefcases this question is answered. Because once you've discovered the advantages of our briefcases for men, you won't want to be without them anymore. Should your briefcase be prepared for all of your everyday tasks? Then a leather briefcase is just right for you. Because a leather briefcase is particularly hard-wearing due to the high quality workmanship and material. Even if you walk in the rain, that's no problem at all for a men's briefcase of special quality.

Important aspects about a leather briefcase

Dear gentlemen, are you looking for a new briefcase?

Buying a leather briefcase is not that easy. Because at first glance you often don't see the quality of the material used in a briefcase. In addition to resilience and durability, our leather briefcases are characterized by their timeless elegance and unique comfort. So one thing is certain: A leather briefcase must be a high-quality briefcase that has to meet its target regardless of the weather and season. Since we have all made our briefcases ourselves for generations and know how to understand the craft, buying a leather briefcase is certainly not a wrong decision from us. A briefcase is also a great gift for men. Whether at university or at work - a briefcase is always a fashionable companion on the go!

Briefcases and their advantages

In which shapes and sizes do we offer briefcases? In every imaginable variation to meet your individual requirements and to be able to offer a briefcase that suits you. Swung over the shoulder, a briefcase is perfect for the urban jungle and is also ideal for cycling.

Both in the university and in the office, a briefcase offers you what you need: storage space, comfort and a particularly cool look. Correctly combined, men can add that certain something to their outfit by carrying a briefcase. Regardless of whether it is a huge pile of files or a laptop and wallet - all the important things of your everyday life will find their right and important place in your briefcase.

Your individual style - your matching briefcase

Combining a briefcase in a modern way with all other items of clothing is not particularly difficult. However, you should make sure that the color selection fits. For example, your look will quickly become something very special and appear super fashionable if you combine a gray briefcase with other gray accessories. You can also wear a colored sweater, for example, as gray goes well with every color. If you prefer it simple and yet chic, a black briefcase for men is just the right thing for you. Such a briefcase goes well with a minimalist color, for example your suit.

Briefcase - what exactly is it?

The answer is actually hidden in the name. A briefcase for men is a bag in which originally only important documents are stowed and thus everything finds its neat place for on the go. Nowadays, in addition to relevant documents, a laptop or smartphone can often be found in a briefcase. Regardless of what is being transported, one thing remains the same: a classy briefcase enhances every outfit and is sure to be particularly comfortable to carry.

Our name stands for quality in briefcases

Anyone can produce briefcases. In doing so, cheap synthetic leather is often used, which does not allow the briefcase to appear in its actual shine after a short time. In contrast, we have only been using high-quality materials for decades, so our briefcases are really something for life. Innovation and the spirit of discovery combined with the continuation of values ​​and traditions are noticeable in each of our briefcases. If you are looking for a durable and stylish briefcase, you will be more than convinced by our briefcase.

Briefcases for men are the perfect accessory

Style-conscious men have known it for a long time: a briefcase is the perfect companion and enhances any outfit. Such a bag is not only practical, but also always a real eye-catcher on every occasion. Not only in the office, but also at an after-work dinner and after-work beer, you don't want to miss it anymore. Once established as an accessory, you quickly recognize the many great advantages that a briefcase brings with it.

No matter if New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Berlin, Hamburg or Munich - bags for men are an absolute must-have and in more and more fashion metropolises bags are generally no longer just an accessory for women. There are many advantages, such as the timeless elegance, the wearing comfort, the high-quality leather, the unique workmanship, the unbelievable longevity and the possibility of a high-quality accessory.

What are you waiting for? Discover our huge range of briefcases now and let yourself be inspired by the PICARD brand.