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Do you still know the times of the Nokia 3720? Those were the days, just cell phones that fit in your pocket. Pocket size? That's the whole point. As technology grew, so have our new favorites. If you've ever had that new Iphone 12 in your hand, then you know exactly what we're talking about. So our esteemed Nokias fit in your pocket, but what about our new cell phones? We have the solution! A stylish and at the same time practical mobile phone bag.

Smartphone bags come in many varieties. A bag for a smartphone to hang around, a cell phone bag with a strap, a phone bag made of leather, there is even a phone bag with a chain. Are you ready for a cell phone bag that brings you and your sweetheart to the next appointment, to the next meal or just to the supermarket in a stylish way, with cool designs? Then you are at the right place at PICARD! We have modern, stylish, elegant, practical cell phone cases in different sizes and designs. You won't go out of the house without a cell phone, you won't want to miss your stylish cell phone protection.

Your new cell phone pocket - your new constant companion

Don't worry, we're not talking about a stalker here, on the contrary, it's your new fashion must-have for everyday life. Do you know that, you are perfectly styled and have the right cream-colored shoes on for your new cream-colored coat? Then comes the problem of problems. Your new smartphone just doesn't fit in your pocket. But it's like with the keys and our wallet, the cell phone has to be with us. But actually you're on the go, and you just need the little accessory to stow your cell phone. Don't panic, we even have a cream-colored leather cell phone bag for your outfit. The universal mobile phone bag even has space for your cards, money or maybe your hair clips.