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Friday 17:55 and you only have 5 minutes until you are getting picked up. Cell phone, wallet, lipstick, then the question arises, which bag should I take? It is now 5:58 p.m., you definitely don't want to be late. One grip on the hip belt bag for women and you are ready!

The stylish belt bag is celebrating its comeback. Celebrate with us! Choose between an elegant leather belt bag and a timeless brown leather belt bag. Are you particularly straightforward? Make the mobile phone belt pouch leather in a chic design your new fashion must-have!

More than practical - belt bags for women

Do you love it when you only have the bare essentials with you, but are still well equipped? You have your hands free, no annoying shoulder strap, and no back pain is guaranteed. PICARD tells you our secret, how you have all these points in a small bag. Our secret and fashionable insider tip for you, the women's belt bag. Be curious and let yourself be convinced by our little, coveted darling.

The athletes and explorers among us can probably guess why the belt bag got such a hype. They are probably wondering why it took so long to get the well-deserved trend. Because belt bags are simply practical. Whether on a hike, on an excursion, on vacation, while jogging. A belt pouch stows your valuables well and safely. In addition, the belt pouch makes life difficult for thieves.

Ladies and gentlemen, you now know that a belt bag is very practical and very popular in the sports scene, but is there more? Absolutely. You're going to your best friend's birthday, it's also a big birthday, she's turning 30, what are you thinking about? Gifts, a good mood, a breathtaking outfit and the right accessories. Let's take a closer look at the accessories, you need a suitable, chic, small bag. No problem, reach for the elegant ladies belt bag. With this accessory you have to be careful not to steal the show from your best friend and rock the dance floor!

From fashion taboo to must-have - your stylish bum bag

The top designers showed us how to do it. Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada all of these established top brands design belt bags for women in numerous variations and models. From the classic Dior statement print to the All Black Prada Bag. Everything that makes the fashion heart beat faster. Of course, the question arises, is it worth all the hype? A thousand percent. For a long time the female bum bags have become indispensable for the catwalks. PICARD brings you the women's belt bag into your everyday life. Only on the most famous catwalks in the world? Because of that, the women's belt bag will become your new everyday hero and fashion favorite.

Casual Fashion Style, Vintage Fashion Style, Chic Fashion Style. Whether with skinny jeans and a coat or a cool oversize t-shirt dress, the women's belt bag hugs your outfit. Regardless of whether you have one or a hundred bags, it has long been impossible to imagine your wardrobe without it. Belt bags for women are true fashion must-haves. The women's belt bag is popular on many occasions and always welcomed. You can give your outfit that modern, cool certain something.

Small bag with a lot of potential - the leather belt bag

What kind of fashion insider tip would the women's belt bag be if it weren't for great, high-quality workmanship and quality. Leather handbags are not one of the insider tips, as they are true fashion pieces and leather stands for quality. That is why PICARD has of course designed quality belt bags for women in order to live up to the fashion insider tip. The black leather bum bag is very classic and stylish. It is not for nothing that black is considered the most popular color in fashion. With a black leather belt bag for women you always make an elegant, stylish appearance. From modern to vintage, the women's belt bag is a very multifaceted fashion accessory. We love the vintage style and have therefore created the leather vintage bum bag for your individual look.

The belt bag for women is not only convincing with its modern, fresh designs, it also stands for timeless, chic elegance. Thus, the modern trend of the belt bag with current, stylish models is completed with quality and high-quality workmanship.

The women's belt bag in the fast lane

The red Ferrari among handbags is the women's belt bag. Getting there was by no means an easy one for the Fanny Pack. Known back then as a no-go from the fashion world, the women's belt bag did not enjoy a particularly good reputation. More like a boring, practical, means to an end bag in little designs. The women's belt bag was practical, but not considered particularly stylish. But the belt pouch is back and stronger than ever! The women's belt bag has become an eye-catching accessory. In numerous models such as small leather belt pouches, mobile phone belt pouches. Popular with top brands, the bum bag for women covers the fashion alphabet from A to Z.

But what makes the belt bag so popular for women? Fashion means movement and variety. Trends come and trends go. Of course, there are always those styles that never go out of style, such as blue jeans, blazers ... But this trend movement in belt bags is tough and won't go away too quickly! Bum bags can be combined into many styles. Belt bags can be loosely buckled around the waist, worn under a coat, worn over a jacket or styled as a crossbody. A belt bag for women can be dressed in a cool sports outfit as well as in the more chic version as a belt replacement around the waist. This variety, possible combinations of the different styles, makes the belt bag for women something very special.

From jeans to evening dresses, the Ferrari under the bags, the women's belt bag passes the others.

PICARD belt bags for every occasion

The fanny pack for women is totally trendy! Whether for parties, shopping, just a lap around the block, the women's belt bag is ideal. You have both hands free, you have a lot of freedom of movement, but you still have all your valuables such as wallet, mobile phone, etc. with you. Top designers love the belt bag and bring it to their collections.

From Paris, Milan, New York directly to YOU. Choose one of our trendy, stylish models for belt bags at PICARD. How about the Sonja belt bag, in a beautiful fleur pattern? Or the all-time favorite, the Sonja bum bag in black? Belt bags for women are an asset. Like a chameleon, they adapt to a wide variety of outfits and styles. From your start to the day in a sporty, casual outfit to your evening look in chic and elegant. The look is completed in a few seconds. What are you waiting for? Find your hip, stylish belt bag at PICARD.