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The PICARD bags are very high quality and always use the current trends in the fashion industry. So the brand PICARD brings classic timeless style and combines it with the current trends. The PICARD bags are available in many different variations. As a rule, these bags are made of high quality leather materials, which are processed in a traditional production method to elegant PICARD bags. Of course, there are also PICARD men's bags, which are made of other materials, such as the artificial leather. In addition, the various PICARD bags are also offered in different colors, so that for everyone the right product is there. For example, do you like to wear black outfits? Then there is a wide selection of black PICARD bags for you.

Before you decide on a color or a material, you must ask yourself the question, what kind of bag you need at all? At PICARD there is a huge selection from men's backpack to PICARD belt bag, you will find the right PICARD bag for your needs.