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Collection: Women Briefcase

Are you looking for an elegant and modern fashion accessory for your everyday life? Then you will not be able to do without a fashionable, elegant and stylish ladies briefcase. What exactly characterizes briefcases for women? The first pictorial thought that one has is a simple briefcase in black. Pen, paper, folder, paper clips, letters, oh yes, are you still thinking of the printout from the last team meeting? It's easy to lose track of things in this whole crazy office jungle. It's good that you don't let yourself be distracted get yourself the help you need, like a briefcase for women. But the women's modern briefcase has a lot more to offer than just moving your laptop or documents from A to B. For ladies the little thing is something that enhances your business look and lets you blossom.

Because the business bag for women not only shines in its functionality, but also with a feminine, stylish design. PICARD offers a selection of models that are characterized by quality and diversity. How beautiful and practical it is that briefcases for women are made of high quality materials and also look elegant and fashionable. Let your briefcase appear in a whole new shine. Many providers offer briefcases for women. Our promise to you: Our ladies' briefcase is something very special.

The office bag for women is much more than a simple functional bag

Women and bags, they say it's a science in itself. There is hardly a woman who leaves the house without a bag. Everything has to fit in, it has to be practical and, above all, comfortable. 1000 models, 1000 colors, inspiration from everywhere. Be it from Instagram, the best friend who shows you her new acquisitions from your last shopping trip. Fashion has long been a fixed component, alongside work and our social life. The bag is the classic fashion accessory that women don't want to do without. The ladies' briefcase is a constant companion.

The question is, is that also possible on the way to the office, school or university? Can briefcases for women meet these requirements? Of course! The most important function of a women's business bag is its practical function. The laptop has to fit in and be stored away securely and well. The documents must be well organized and easy to find. Smartphone, keys, cards, everything at your fingertips. Thanks to the practical landscape format, you can put all your documents in your modern briefcase,and carry it kink-free and comfortable through your everyday work life. A women's briefcase is a real all-rounder!

You know everything is in order. The office bag for women has an internal organizer. That way you won't lose anything. Note chaos? You will ask yourself, what is a paper chaos? In addition, the comfort factor must not be ignored. Back-friendly and comfortable, your leather briefcase guarantees you a comfortable carry. Back pain is a thing of the past. Thus, a ladies briefcase is a real natural talent.

Style and career? A piece of cake for the elegant briefcase for women

Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt, these metropolises stand for fashion and tough business. Women in the latest trends and great outfits. A women's briefcase as the perfect accessory. It would be a shame to have to do without a stylish, modern briefcase. The modern women's office bag embodies the elegance and sovereignty of a fashion-conscious career woman. 10:00 am meeting in the Frankfurt stock exchange district, 1:00 pm business meeting in the office? Laptop, tablet, documents, cards, pens - everything has to be there. Your leather briefcase gives you the security you need to master your working day. The all-rounder for everyday madness. Clearly, a ladies briefcase is always the perfect accessory. No more classic teacher bags for women. You are now setting the trends for women. From black, red to brown, your briefcase spices up your business look and never leaves you hanging. Career women with style know exactly that the briefcase should not be missing in a confident office look. Discover your personal briefcase that you won't want to miss anymore.

Not just black - the modern office bag for women comes in many varieties

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 5 working days, 5 different outfits. From chic blazers to sporty chinos. Today's fashion leaves a lot of room for creativity. From elegant and chic to modern and sporty. Let's be honest, who wants to look the same 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month? In the 90s it was denim fabrics and printed shirts that made fashion-conscious women so special. But are there fashion pieces that are an all-time companion? The office accessory that never goes out of style? A women's briefcase is certainly an absolute must-have for style-conscious women.

The large women's briefcase sounds like a veteran of the fashion world. Has always existed, is nothing special. But what if we tell you that you can spice up your chic business suit with the red leather briefcase Milano? Your colleagues will be amazed. As dynamically as fashion changes, women's briefcases have different models to offer. Be it the simple ladies briefcase Milano in black, which simply always ensures a stylish, elegant appearance. Just like the Maggie in red, which ensures the WOW effect.

280 working days a year, 280 fashion moments. Always have a ladies' briefcase with you.

Briefcases for women made of leather - Quality meets style

Leather proves to be a particularly stable and timeless material. It is one of the oldest materials in the world. Leather is characterized by its durability and is considered a particularly robust material. Are you looking for a women's briefcase in leather that will get you through your everyday life? Regardless of whether it is rain, wind or snow? You are sure to find what you are looking for with one of our models. Because an elegant leather briefcase for women not only scores with its noble and elegant look, but above all with its good quality. PICARD puts a lot of emphasis on high quality standards. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Can we tell you something else? Your new leather business bag is a real eye-catcher! A women's briefcase can be combined with your individual style. In addition, a ladies briefcase is suitable for every occasion and a trendy companion for an after-work party. Once you have worn a ladies briefcase, you won't want to be without a ladies briefcase anytime soon.

Briefcases for women - your new must-have

Womens' briefcases are available in leather, different models and different colors. From the chic Milano to the stylish Maggie. Whether you prefer it sporty or rather elegant. The briefcase for women is your new, loyal companion with which you can master your everyday life in the office. Let's make a checklist of why briefcases are a must-have for women. Functionality? Check! Comfort? Check! Stylish and modern design? Check! Practical and elegant? Check! Successful and fashionable career woman? Check! Qualitative and stylish briefcases for women at PICARD? Check! Briefcases for women as a constant companion? Check! Without a briefcase, without you!