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You don't feel like taking a large backpack with you, but you don't have enough space in your trouser pockets? Then you should try the practical belt bags from PICARD! The practical leather belt pouch is versatile. It is part of the standard equipment at a festival, but it can also be worn in everyday life as a fashion accessory with its vintage design. The high-quality real leather of the bum bag also goes well with a more elegant outfit. One of the great advantages of a leather belt bag is that it is so versatile.

PICARD is one of the top brands when it comes to bags, wallets or accessories. This is due to the high-quality workmanship of the leather goods and the fashionable designs of the products. As a top brand, PICARD also operates an online shop. In this shop you can look at all PICARD products, such as the leather belt pouch, and discover the different designs. This is practical because this bag can be worn on a belt, i.e. as a hip bag or bum bag, or as a shoulder bag.

The leather belt pouch is a practical and reliable companion for your needs. Choose one of the stylish models and you will see how your life will change. No more overcrowded trouser pockets, instead a noble leather belt bag around the hip.

Why you should use a leather belt pouch

The advantages of a leather belt pouch are obvious. A leather bum bag is very practical and at the same time very stylish. A conventional backpack or bag is big and unwieldy, for example if you want to dance at a festival or just want to take the most important items with you on vacation. In addition, most people need more space for their daily companions than can fit in their trouser pockets. A leather belt pouch is the perfect alternative in these cases, because it offers enough space for your wallet, keys, smartphone and a few other small items. You always have everything with you without having to stuff anything, and a leather bum bag can also be very stylish. The leather belt pouch is also made of high quality leather and is therefore very elegant. A secure zipper ensures that your valuables are not lost and at the same time it rounds off the elegant design of the bum bag. There are belt bags in many different colors for women and men. There are also faux leather belt bags for the small budget, which are also very high quality and stylish. A bum bag not only has to be carried on the belt, but can also be hung over the shoulder or used as a festival bag. Are you looking for a festival bag? At a festival you are often on the dance floors in front of large stages or in large crowds. It is often very impractical to carry a handbag or a backpack, as you often have to squeeze through the crowd. A large bag can also be a hindrance when dancing. On the other hand, you don't want to leave your valuables in your car or tent. A bum bag is the perfect solution in this case, as all important valuables fit in the festival bag and it does not interfere with dancing. So choose your leather belt bag for your next festival at PICARD.

High quality leather belt bag in different colors

The belt bags, which are made of high quality leather or synthetic leather, are available in many different colors. The common colors black, blue and brown are available for men. The leather belt pouch is of course available for women in many other colors, including beige, blue, brown, yellow, gray, gray, green, red, black, silver and taupe. In addition, fashionable color combinations are also offered, such as a leather belt bag with a leopard print.

So you are spoiled for choice and that's not all, because PICARD also offers different series of leather belt pouches. The leather belt bag for women comes in the series 2B3-LUIS, 335-LUIS, 768-LOIRE, HITEC, LOIRE, LUIS and SONJA and the leather belt bag for men comes in the series BROOKLYN, BUDDY, LUKE and S-PORE. These series will help you to find the right bum bag. For example, the men's BROOKLYN series with its elegant black leather goes well with an elegant work outfit for men.

Can't decide which belt bag suits you? No problem with the filter in the PICARD online shop. First you have to click whether you need a leather belt bag for men or women. You can then filter for your favorite colors. At the end you have to decide on a series and then you will receive a hip bag according to your taste. From the festival bag to the elegant belt bag made of leather for everyday business, everyone will find the right hip bag at PICARD.

The leather belt pouch is simple and practical

This hip bag is ideal as a festival bag because it is very small, but can offer enough space for the most important valuables. The leather hip bag is very versatile.

Imagine you are on vacation with your family. You are on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea and want to explore the beautiful beaches and villages by car. You only want to take the most important valuables with you, as you don't want to leave them unattended on the beach. On the other hand, you would of course want to get a soft drink for yourself and your family at the Beach Bar, so you have to take your wallet with you.

In addition, you need your smartphone to take nice photos of your vacation. The key to your hotel room and your rental car should of course not be missing. Tucking all valuables into your swimming trunks is not a good idea, instead you take your leather belt bag with you, as this bum bag offers enough storage space for your valuables.

A leather belt pouch can also make your day-to-day work life easier. Do you run a restaurant and are you looking for a high-quality bum bag for your waiters? Then you are at the right address at PICARD! Every waiter needs a large wallet in order to be able to store enough change. In addition, there is a small pad and a pen to write down the order, although this is often done with a smartphone or a corresponding electronic device these days. These items do not fit in the waiter's pocket, instead you need a leather belt pouch, which enables the waiters to quickly and easily access the item they need.

Are you looking for a practical, stylish bag for your needs? Then discover the high-quality leather belt bag from PICARD!