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The men's wrist bag is currently all the rage, and not without reason. The practical men's wrist bag is also something for real guys. With the wrist bag for men you always have your cell phone, wallet and all everyday objects that you need at hand and the best thing is that you can carry this bag casually around your wrist. That means you always have both hands free and can, for example, buy a ticket on a tram or use your smartphone.

The stylish alternative to the conventional handbag is made of high-quality leather and thus uses a timeless trend. The men's leather wrist bags are made either from sturdy cowhide or from oiled buffalo leather. Both types of leather have their own charm and advantages.

The men's wrist bag is a practical classic

The men's wrist bag is a practical classic because, thanks to this men's bag, you no longer have to stuff your wallet or mobile phone into your pocket, but can simply and safely stow it away in the wrist bag.

Nowadays, figure-hugging pants are all the rage, which is why it is becoming more and more difficult to stow everyday objects such as cell phones, wallets or simply the keys to the apartment in your pocket. This is where the men's leather wrist bag comes into play, as it is easy and comfortable to wear on the wrist and offers enough space for all everyday objects. So you always have everything you need with you and you never lose track of anything.

Imagine that you are in town and want to buy some new clothes. When you arrive at the cash register, you take a quick, relaxed look into your wrist wallet and immediately find your cash or your debit and credit card. So you can pay very relaxed, because you have a quick overview of your valuables and always have both hands free. Then you make your way to the train stop and on the way you get a call from your wife. You can quickly find the cell phone in the men's wrist bag and you can make phone calls without any problems. Just like in your favorite boutique, you can pay stress-free on the tram because you have both hands free. The handbags for men by PICARD allow you a relaxed day in your free time.

Wrist bag for leisure, sport, hobbies and work

You can easily use the men's wrist bag in your free time, during sports, for your hobby or your job. PICARD has the right wrist bags for every need. The colors of the wrist bag are simple and can therefore be easily combined.

PICARD offers the men's bag in various black and brown tones. This is because the different models are made from different materials. The men's wrist bag from the BUDDY series, for example, is made from oiled buffalo leather and is available in the colors cognac, black and café (brown). There is the wrist bag Sport, which you can use for sports in your free time or in during your hobby, and then there are the wrist bags, which you can combine perfectly with a serious work outfit. Imagine you are wearing a chic suit to work in a simple gray. You are wearing black work shoes made of high-quality leather and a black leather belt. A high-quality bag that you could wear around your wrist would round off this outfit perfectly. The high-quality black buffalo or cowhide leather would attract envious glances from your work colleagues and leave a good impression at a meeting.

The men's wrist bag made of leather - discover real, long-lasting quality

The men's leather handbags are made from high quality leather goods. It is made of sturdy cowhide or oiled buffalo leather. Both leather goods have their own characteristics, but they have one thing in common, and that is they are very durable.

Since your men's wrist bag should remain as beautiful as it was at the beginning even after many years, it is important that you care for it and clean the leather appropriately. For this you should use waterproofing protection and special cleaning and care products. In any case, make sure that you use the right means for your type of leather, because what is suitable for buffalo leather is not necessarily good for cowhide. The buffalo leather is known for its unique grain pattern, which is mainly caused by mosquito bites. This means that you always have a unique pattern that differs from other leather goods in the same product chain. Leather goods have the advantage that they have a very pleasant unique smell. Convince yourself of the quality of the men's wrist bag from PICARD. Once you've got the taste for a wrist bag, you'll always want one.

Men's wrist bags are trendy

The men's handbag trend also includes men's wrist bags. This is due to the fact that the trend is more and more towards a cozy and practical fashion.

No matter what outfit, the men's wrist bag always fits. It looks very good and is very practical. Every item that a man needs in his everyday life can be found in this practical little pocket for the wrist. In addition, it makes use of a timeless trend thanks to the high-quality and simple leather. Just try out the wrist wallet yourself and you will find that it is very practical to have a small pocket to carry on your wrist. Another aspect is the security that the men's wrist bag can offer. For example, if you carry your wallet on your back in your backpack, it can quickly happen that a pickpocketer steals this wallet if the opportunity arises. This is because you can't see what's going on behind your back and the thieves have such dexterous fingers that you wouldn't even notice if they opened your bag. A small bag that you wear around your wrist is always in view and nobody can tamper with it that easily.

Do you know the problem with tight pockets? Then you should try the men's wrist bag from PICARD and convince yourself of it.