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With a modern toiletry bag you are perfectly equipped when traveling. It keeps cosmetics and care products safe for you and also offers an attractive look.

Practical interior division for a wide range of care accessories

For many years, men, women and children have used toiletry bags so that toothbrush, comb and nail scissors do not have to lie loose in the travel bag. Tight packaging is especially important for liquids, such as shampoo or shaving foam. Individual plastic bags look very inelegant in this use. With a high quality leather toiletry bag, you will solve the problem of packing personal care products and accessories in an elegant way and for a long time, maybe even forever. Our rectangular and square toiletry bags fit in your travel bag or travel backpack when you're on the go, while they're easy to carry by hand on your way to the shower room or the outdoor pool. In addition to a practical format and sturdy carrying handles, our men's cosmetic bags and women's cosmetic bags also have a well thought-out interior. For example, a toiletry bag from the "Buddy" line has two safety compartments with zippers in which you can place small items such as dental floss or a nail file.

Buy robust toiletry bags

Two lockable compartments are offered in the cosmetic bag of the series "Luis", which further has a slip pocket and a large open mesh compartment. Thus, you can organize the generous storage space self-determined and easily bring overview to your products. As a toilet bag to hang up, "Luis" has a hook on the upper outside. With this, you can quickly and reliably bring your care accessories within reach. Quite a few people also use this feature at home and enjoy the space-saving and time-saving effect when packing their travel bag. They then simply close the zipper and already have all the frequently used accessories in the wash bag. Moreover, "Luis" knows how to be convincing with an integrated mirror. Not only the women's toilet bag for ladies has a small mirror, but the men will also appreciate the easily available view in the mirror. It is useful for hairdressing, shaving and more.

Leather toiletry bag in warm colors

A wash bag for women does not necessarily have to be made of plastic and have playful motifs. On the contrary: with a leather wash bag you prove style and have a faithful beauty companion for many years. Thanks to the timeless, friendly design, our wash bags make a good impression on all generations. The investment in a men's wash bag or a women's wash bag is not only therefore worthwhile. Both, if you decide to hang up your cosmetic bag or if it should be the model that stands, you will notice how the PICARD quality beautifies the morning and evening grooming routine. The oiled buffalo leather of the models in the "Buddy" line turns a men's wash bag into a premium wash bag. The high-quality workmanship in our controlled factories creates a refined and stylish appearance that perfectly matches the business bags and travel essentials from our collections. "Buddy", like "Luis", can also be used as a ladies toiletry bag. Smooth, robust cowhide leather is in any case an eye-catcher and hand-pleaser. Our toilet bags are at your disposal for the next weekend trip, family vacation or world trip.

Whether camping or luxury hotel - A culture bag from PICARD is always a good choice.