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Key case for women: get through everyday life with elegance!

The word key case doesn't usually cause a great deal of excitement. Wasn't it something you just kept your spare keys in? Something that simply disappeared into the depths of handbags or backpacks? Nothing essential? We want to show you how a key case can make your life easier. Today we're introducing you to different models so that you just have to choose which one suits you best.

Your variety from PICARD – key cases for every taste

Our red BINGO key case not only offers the obvious advantages that a key ring normally has. The integrated small snap fastener compartment also provides space for cash and other small items. This way, everything stays in place and nothing can get lost. The small zip fastener on the back of the key case also offers additional space. The colors red and magnolia are playful and feminine, yet strong and expressive.

If you also want to avoid searching for your keys in your handbag, but are more of a classic type, our blue key case is the best choice. This key ring for women offers you timeless black classics. The gray key case impresses with its embossed crocodile look and secure zipper. This model is suitable for women who like to have that certain something. The small everyday companions give your appearance elegance and make your look perfect. Special colors such as midnight and graphite give your outfit an individual touch. You can choose between three different models. You can adapt these perfectly to you and your needs thanks to their individual design!

What makes a PICARD key case so special?

The key case from PICARD is more than just a simple key ring for women. The elegant and timeless design makes our key cases something very special. They combine practicality and aesthetics. The key ring means that your front door keys and car keys are doubly secured in your key case. Furthermore, it is not just a small key case, but also offers additional space for cash, cards or your favorite lipstick. Our key case is the perfect alternative, especially if you have to run errands quickly and don't want to carry a bulky handbag around with you all day. The zipper makes it safe to open and close. Everything stays in its place and nothing can get lost.

This accessory is not only practical, but can also complete your outfit of the day. We offer a wide range of colors - from elegant gray to a strong red to the classic black. A key case with a money compartment doesn't have to be boring. A key case is not just for men, because we women also like to have our hands free! It can also be used in combination with a normal women's handbag . A key case protects the other items in your handbag and annoying scratches on your cell phone or tablet are a thing of the past. Two striking advantages in one: find your front door key quickly and protect valuable items!

Do I need a key case or something else?

A small wallet, such as a key case, makes everyday life much easier. Because when you're already rushing from appointment to appointment, running errands and, in the worst case, forgetting half of them somewhere, a mini key case is sometimes exactly what you need. However, you may simply have more to carry. That's why we offer you a convenient and stylish solution here too: women's belt bag from PICARD. The old cliché that belt bags are difficult to integrate into your everyday wardrobe has long been out of fashion. The models can now be combined with a wide variety of clothing styles and come in modern colors. They offer more storage space than a key case. This type of bag is superior to the PICARD key ring in that it simply offers more space.

The PICARD Switchbag is comparatively more elegant and is suitable for both everyday work and evening events. The existing color palette offers you a large selection. There is something for everyone. The color "haiti", with colorful flowers, is particularly suitable for summer. In the end, however, as is so often the case with almost every type of handbag, you end up with the problem of constantly searching for your front door key. A key case with a card compartment saves you from having to search for your key - especially in the worst case scenario when you have both hands full! Our small wallet with a key ring should belong in every handbag. Because you only notice what a difference a key holder makes in everyday life when you have your own key case. Make your life more pleasant and easier with the PICARD key case!

Why PICARD offers you exactly what you need!

PICARD combines everyday comfort with timeless elegance. We have been paying attention to the highest quality for decades. PICARD combines social responsibility , sustainability and traditional craftsmanship. We deliberately choose durable and robust materials in order to make our products sustainable from the ground up. Leather is naturally a rather robust and durable material and can also be easily repaired. This means that you will not only get something out of your new acquisition for one season, but ideally for years. We live sustainability because since 2020 we have launched our own GREEN-LINE collection. This is expanded with a new collection every new season. The name says it all, as all materials are sustainable. But sustainability does not stop at the choice of materials, it goes far beyond that. We have also set ourselves ambitious goals when selecting our leather suppliers. In three years we want to be so far that 100% of our suppliers are certified by the Leather Working Group. The LWG stands for sustainability in the leather industry. We want to do our part to ensure that companies also question their ecological actions and work on them. We have a responsibility and we want to use this to contribute to a better starting point for sustainability through our role model function.

Keep it short and simple: Why is this accessory indispensable for you?

In the previous text, we gave you many comparisons and examples of why a key case is indispensable once you've tried it out. Now we'd like to briefly summarize the most important points to make your decision even easier. What are the advantages of a key case?

  • All-in-one! You have the most important items in one place: keys, money and cards.
  • Practicality! Even if you have a normal handbag, a key case is not automatically pointless. You don't have to spend so long looking for it and you have the most important things close at hand.
  • Convenience! Aside from a small leather key case for women, you don't have to carry anything else in your hand or over your shoulder when you run errands.
  • Security! The rest of the items in your handbag are also protected by using a key case. Annoying and, above all, avoidable scratches are now a thing of the past.
  • Beauty! Just because something is practical doesn't mean it should overshadow your outfit of the day. Our various key cases suit all occasions, clothing styles and even enhance your appearance!

As you can see, there is a lot to be said for a key case when you take a closer look. Convince yourself of this practical accessory that makes your life easier on many levels! Key cases from PICARD not only stand for style, but also for sustainability. So you too can contribute to a better world, simply by choosing your accessories.

Key case for men – small but powerful

How do you organize your key chain? Do you always have different individual keys in your pocket? Or is there a large, thick key chain jingling away? Did you know that there is a much more practical solution for your keys than just a single key ring? Our key cases for men not only offer you a modern pendant, but are also practical companions for everyday life. They can store your keys as well as individual extras, such as a cash card.

A key case for men is a modern accessory with style. Your keys are stored in it without jingling and can no longer damage your trousers or smartphone display. Sounds good? Then take a look at our various key cases.

Key case: leather, black, brown, small or large?

We know how different tastes can be. That's why you'll find a large selection of different key cases for men in our online shop . Whether large or small, round or square, brown or black - order your faithful companion for your trouser pocket or shoulder bag from us.

With a key case from PICARD you have something in your hand - namely a practical accessory made of fine leather. Primarily intended for storing keys, a key case for men from the "Porto" series also offers an inside compartment. Despite its small format, the item has enough space for two key rings and another compartment on the back for banknotes or coins. "Porto" is available in black and red in the online shop. While the "Brooklyn" series in black and cafe pampers you with velvety soft cowhide and a timeless design, the black leather key case called "Eurojet" clearly stays in the same design language.

Our models are not only great for storing your keys. They also protect sensitive items from scratches when they are put in a shoulder bag, briefcase or backpack with your key ring. A PICARD case is also suitable as a small, high-quality gift.

Leather key case – mini wallets

What are the advantages of a leather key case from PICARD?

  1. The case will serve you well for a long time because it is manufactured to a particularly high quality.
  2. The fine, soft leather always provides tactile moments of happiness – no matter how often you use your case during the day.
  3. In addition, small extras guarantee additional benefits: whether it's a key bell with a bar or a key case with a zipper - you can rely on functionality and quality with these products too.

Of course, we have different models for different occasions as well as key cases specifically for men and women . The "Southbay 1" series is interesting for women who love trendy patent leather with crocodile embossing. Surprise someone with your good taste and order your favorite shape and color conveniently online.

By the way: Thanks to separate compartments, coins, banknotes or the often sought-after shopping trolley chip also find a permanent place in the key case.

Once in your pocket – you can no longer imagine life without a leather key case

Many people simply attach their keys to a key ring as usual. It's practical, quick and works. But is it really like that? We think that appearances are deceptive. A bunch of keys can cause a lot of damage in your pocket. If it's in your trouser pocket, it jingles over and over again and the individual teeth and points of the keys can quickly eat through the fabric of your trousers. Do you also know the small holes in your jeans - exactly where the bunch of keys usually lies? Keys that are only attached to a key ring also have free rein in your business bag : whether it's a laptop or a smartphone - scratches while sliding around during transport are unfortunately not uncommon. Such scratches are quickly noticeable on the smartphone display. With a leather key case, sharp key bits are a thing of the past. Because you can simply stow the keys in the key case and your trouser pocket is safe. And they no longer jingle.

But that's not all: a key case for men can also help you in other ways in everyday life. Depending on the model, you can store not only the keys attached to the key ring in it, but also other small items. Do you want to quickly go to the supermarket but don't want to take your wallet with you ? Then just hide your change or your debit card in the leather key case.

Key cases for men and more – PICARD Fashion

Our key cases for men are made of high-quality leather. The natural and soft material makes the key case for men a little treat in your pocket. Leather is also a robust and durable material that can withstand sharp-edged keys without any problems. Signs of wear and tear etc. appear later on leather than on some synthetic materials. In addition, time and use give cow and buffalo leather a patina - additional character. Leather is also a very sustainable material because if it is of high quality, it is particularly durable. A key case for men made of leather is not a short-term friend, but a permanent companion.

Would you like to learn more about this versatile material? Then browse through our blog Leather Studies .

Would you like to give a key case for men as a gift? Perfect – this little gift will quickly become a practical companion in everyday life and will make the classic key ring look old. In our shop you will find modern bags to match: From the From briefcases that never go out of fashion to leather wallets and casual shoulder bags for men – you can put together your new set with us.