As a family member, I carry PICARD not only in my name but also in my heart. That is why I am pleased to be able to lead our company in its fourth generation and to continue to develop it successfully with our great employees.

What is special about PICARD is the unique position we hold in the market as producers of high-quality leather goods. Thus we do not buy our leather goods from foreign suppliers in the Far East and use our label afterwards. The name PICARD stands for the art of traditional fine leather craftsmanship. That means: We manufacture all our leather products ourselves!

This makes us independent and guarantees the highest quality. We set the standards for social interaction and thus ensure fair working conditions in all our factories. We carry this high responsibility not only towards the people but also towards their environment. When purchasing raw materials, we apply the strict rule that only ecologically optimized and certified companies are allowed to deliver to us.

A demand for quality and an attitude to life that we maintain and pass on together with the manufacturing knowledge of many decades. That is why we have been training young people in this craft for generations - in our workshops in Germany, Ukraine and Bangladesh.

It is a matter of the heart for me and all employees of the large PICARD family to be able to offer handcrafted products of high quality. Genuine favorite pieces full of joie de vivre that you can wear with a clear conscience and hopefully brings a smile to your face!

Your Georg Picard

(Translated from German)