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Fashion comes and goes. But the women's handbag is definitely back in fashion! The bag with handle is one of the classics among women's handbags. With a handle bag you always look fashionable and elegant at the same time. A handbag not only looks stunning, it is also very practical. The format of the handbag can be described as follows: they are not too big, but never too small. You always have all your valuables and your go-to essentials with you. Is there a but? Maybe, because you have a huge selection of handle bags at PICARD. Whether a gray handbag, a brown handbag, a blue handbag or a men's handbag.

Have we aroused your curiosity? Discover and browse the PICARD online shop and find your new and fashionable handle bag.

The handle bag for women - your classic companion for everything

Are you looking for a bag that reflects your fashionable outfit with its charm? Then you have almost reached the finish line on your search. Because a large handbag is not only super practical, handle bags are modern and trendy again. If you look at women on the streets all over the world, you will see that a lot of women fall back on the classics. You don't know where the ladies are going. To a business meeting, lunch in a restaurant, a relaxed shopping trip with friends or to university. Bags with long handles or bags with short handles have become an indispensable part of women's wardrobes.

What is it about handbags that makes them so special? That is an easily answered question. Handbags for women are great companions. You can carry handle bags over your shoulder or hang them comfortably over your arm. Still, you don't feel like you have a heavy burden on your shoulders. Often times we have a lot to do all day. From a business lunch straight to the office and then spontaneously going home to a friend. You need a few utensils to get through the day, such as documents, make-up or an umbrella. So that you don't lose your lightness on all routes, but still have everything with you, a handle bag is a great option for you.

Handbags in small, large, colored or plain? Your style counts!

Choosing a bag can be a real challenge. The problem is simple, you want to have them all. Most of the time the wardrobe is already full, the bags are just waiting to be taken out. If you are at the point that you want to enrich your bag collection, then you are faced with a decision yet again. Decisions can be, but not always, difficult. Rather, it's about the treasure you want to add to your bag collection and how you can make yourself happy. When it comes to handbags, you definitely have a great and extraordinarily large selection. Choose from a mini handle bag, a large handbag or something very exciting, such as a handbag in red.

If you are interested in a bag for work or business meetings, you should definitely take a look at women's leather handle bags. This is how you present yourself from your elegant and stylish side. Your documents, folders and pens will also find a safe place. Do you need a new accessory that gives your chic white dress a wonderful charm and style? With a bag with long handles by PICARD from the "Weimar" series you have found the accessory that completes your outfit.

A little tip from us is the Weimar handle bag in the color bluebell, as it is surely going to be remembered! If you want to enrich your bag collection with a fashionable everyday bag, a smaller handle bag is the perfect catch. Here you have a wonderful selection of small handle bags from the series Berlin, Marie, Nile, Really and Weimar. Small handle bags go well with both an elegant style and a casual everyday look.

The little black dress combined with a black handle bag

There are a few golden rules in fashion. A golden rule is that black is always good. If you don't know what to wear, black is a lifesaver. Regardless of the occasion, be it a meeting, a party or a family get-together. Black stands for pure elegance and timeless style. In order to have a perfect black outfit, you must of course not forget the accessories. How good that there are accessories such as black handle bags. If you are dressing up for a housewarming party for friends and picking up your favorite little black dress, the black handle bag is the accessory that perfectly rounds off your outfit. For a going out occasion, PICARD recommends you choose a small women's handbag in black. So you don't have a heavy burden with you, but you certainly have everything you need to have a fantastic evening.

The women's leather handle bag - a combination of pure elegance and timeless style

PICARD has years of experience in the manufacturing of leather goods. We know what it takes to produce high quality and fashionable leather handbags. For years, leather has proven to be particularly robust and durable. Which is why women's leather handbags are very popular. A leather handle bag not only looks great when you buy it, but there is a high probability that your leather handbag will still look great in 10 years. That is why a black leather handle bag is a classic and favorite. So if you value a breathtaking quality and elegant design, then you shouldn't miss a black leather handle bag. At PICARD you will find handle bags made of great leather and of high quality.

We also have a great tip if you want to give your husband, brother or friend a little gift. The leather handle bag is perfect for women, but at least just as good for men. If you want to give your chosen one a pleasure that he is not prepared for, then a black leather handle bag or a brown handle bag is an excellent gift idea.

The handle bag - an absolute must-have among handbags for women

What is a must-have among handbags? Let's list a few points that should be met. A must-have should:

  • Be practical
  • High wearing comfort
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Great quality/material
  • Have many models
  • Modern designs
  • A wide range of colors
  • Go with many different styles

We went through this checklist for handle bags. Et voilà 8/8 points. Handbags meet all of these requirements, which is why they are a real must-have. Indispensable for real trendsetters among women. It is practical and also fashionable and elegant. The wide range of colors speaks for itself. The handle bag in white, the handle bag in dark blue, the handle bag in beige. Every price segment is represented, as well as women's handbags at low prices. You can find everything at PICARD.

Could we convince you? Then order a high-quality handbag from PICARD now and see for yourself!