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Collection: Women Writing Case

Do you already know the PICARD leather writing case for women? These elegant conference folders have many advantages. The writing cases are rectangular and therefore perfect for transporting A4 sheets of paper. So you can safely transport important documents that you need for your work without them creasing. Of course, that's not all, because a leather ladies writing case also has space for a few pens and business cards. If you have a small, slim laptop, it will also fit in one of the slip-in compartments. So you always have the most important business items with you in the leather writing case.

The PICARD writing case for women is also very durable, thanks to the high-quality cattle or buffalo leather. This material ensures that the writing cases are very robust. That means your valuables are always well protected in your conference folder. In addition, the bags are also very nice to look at, thanks to the noble material, the modern design and the simple colors. These simple colors can be easily combined with your work outfits and are therefore ideal for a conference folder.

Appear in style at the next hearing or meeting with the stylish women's leather writing case

The leather women writing case is an absolute eye-catcher because it comes in a timeless design. High-quality cowhide or buffalo leather has its own charm and is ideal for everyday use in the office. The conference folder is always unique and, with the right care, will look beautiful even after many years. Leather goods change over time and can become a real work of art. With such a briefcase for women you will have a real eye-catcher.

Imagine you have a leather writing case and you are on your way to your work. A quick look into your conference folder is enough and you know that you have all the important documents, pens, your business cards and your small laptop with you. So you haven't forgotten anything and you can go to work in a relaxed manner. When you arrive at work, you get out of your car and you notice how well the high-quality buffalo leather goes with your outfit. Then you enter your office and you see that not only you noticed that you have a beautiful conference folder that goes perfectly with your outfit.

The women's briefcase - made of real leather is an eye-catcher

You can't go wrong with a leather writing case. These conference folders only have advantages. This includes that they are very practical, stylish, robust and can offer good protection for your valuables.

Do you want a real eye-catcher for your everyday work? Then you have come to the right place with the college folders from PICARD. The high-quality leather material not only ensures an elegant look, but also feels good and it has a pleasant smell of its own. So that your eye-catcher remains an eye-catcher for a long time, you have to occasionally care for and clean the material. Depending on the type of leather, we recommend using special cleaning and care products. In addition, real leather material is very robust, which is why it offers good protection for your documents, business cards or your laptop. At a meeting it would be very uncomfortable if you showed up with crumpled documents. This cannot happen to you with the conference folder, as it was made for documents in DIN A4 format.

Writing case for women in simple colors

The leather writing case is available in the three simple colors beige, brown and black. This is because the writing cases match a classic, stylish work outfit and should be easy to combine. With a colorful writing case nobody would take you seriously in a meeting or conference, so you should stick to the simple color selection of PICARD. Just think about which color could go with your work outfit. Do you like to wear a brown belt or brown shoes? Then you might like a writing case in brown. Are you more of the type who likes black leather goods? Then you will surely like the black document folder. You can of course also opt for the beige document folder, if you can combine this color well with your outfit.

In addition to the color selection, you should also think about which series of writing cases you might like. PICARD offers the series BUDDY, MILANO, ROCKET and TOSCANA. The TOSCANA series offers conference folders made of beautiful, smooth leather material. In the BUDDY series, the conference folders are made from high-quality buffalo leather. The ROCKET series conference folders have the property that they can be closed with press studs. Last but not least, there is the stylish MILANO series, which has many pockets and a zipper. Another advantage of this series is that it not only has many pockets, but also has space for a laptop. Many of the pockets in the writing case are zipped to guarantee additional security.

Conference folders for women - always with everything that the modern woman needs

With the business folder for women from PICARD you always have everything with you that a woman could use in her everyday work. Are you a serious woman who has her own business card? Then the leather folder is perfect for you, as it has special pockets for business cards. Are you a woman who has to transport important documents to meetings in her day-to-day work? Then the leather writing case is the perfect match for you, as this leather women writing case ensures that your documents can be safely transported.

As the name suggests, the women's conference folder is perfect for a conference. This is because you always have documents and pens with you. You can also use the women's writing case as a kind of desk pad if you are sitting in a conference where there are not enough tables. Alternatively, a laptop fits into the writing case, which you could of course also place on the folder so that you have a decent pad if there is no table available. In the end, there are many different reasons why you should choose a writing case, so you should think about the requirements you have for a conference folder.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the leather writing cases for women from PICARD now and see for yourself!