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Wallet in red – you are the queen of the evening

Do you hate boredom and dull colors? Then spice up your life with a red wallet . If your wallet is red, you will definitely attract attention and be well-styled for every occasion.

Do you think that your wallet has no effect on the way you feel when you go out? Wrong! A real fashionista only feels complete when everything is just right, from her shoes to her wallet. That's why you should get to know our PICARD wallets today and enjoy real trend models.

Red wallets – discover our range now

We at PICARD love stylish designs of the highest quality. We also know that a red wallet can give women a new energy boost. Just the sight of the rich red color is reason enough for many ladies to take a look at their wallet more often. But of course quality comes first. Take a look at our extensive range and find your women's wallet.

Red is of course not the only color we have in stock for you. But since it is one of the top colors of the current season, you will find a particularly large selection. We will now tell you what is important if you want to buy a new wallet in red from PICARD.

Ready for every occasion – find red wallets for women

Small, medium, large or combination? What type of wallet are you? Here at PICARD you will find wallets in different shapes. If you want the wallet to be red, you will find a wide selection in our range.

For real retro lovers, the classic "click wallets" in red are a good choice. They are just big enough to hold your coins. Space for bills? No way. But you do have one or two slots for your credit card. This wallet in red is perfect for you if you're running to the bakery in the morning or just want to buy a few small things.

You don't just have change and notes, but also lots of photos, vouchers, old tickets and credit cards? Then your red wallet should offer enough storage space for you. Our elegant leather models in a rectangular shape are ideal. They open with a zipper and offer you enough space for all your utensils. You can attach your red wallet to your handbag with the zipper clip in a very ladylike way .

Do you love the look of an elegant clutch and want to combine it with your wallet? Then a red wallet with a folding closure is perfect. You simply place the practical flap over it and close the wallet with a snap fastener or a magnet. The advantage is that you can still store your credit and gift cards inside the flap.

Well styled for the evening – the combination of red wallet and mobile phone case

Do you love going dancing? Do you want to have your hands free when you're out and about? Then complete your outfit with a combined wallet and cell phone bag . Elegantly slung over your shoulder, you'll always have the most important things to hand. A red wallet is particularly hot here, because it's guaranteed to draw the attention of the other party guests.

Easy-care and so elegant – women’s wallet made of red leather

You already know that your wallet should be red? For extra durability and timeless elegance, we at PICARD offer you a large selection of red leather wallets . Leather not only has tactile advantages, it is also one of the most durable materials there is.

A chic women's wallet made of red leather can accompany you for many years and decades. Leather doesn't "get old", it just gets more exciting. Over the years, a very individual patina forms. You can read the history of memories on your wallet made of red leather - it doesn't get more exciting than that.

Most women prefer leather when choosing a wallet for other reasons. It is easy to care for and particularly gentle to handle. If you want to clean your leather wallet, a damp cloth is enough to wipe it down. The robustness of the material means you can forgive yourself if your wallet stays in your bag for a few days!

The perfect gift idea for all women with taste – elegant PICARD wallets

Red is not only a stylistic device, but also the color of love. Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your loved one ? Then you have found it, because a wallet in red will make her shine. Almost every woman loves the color red and the special meaning behind it.

With a red purse you signal to her that you think she is a confident lady. She will feel flattered by your choice of color, because we don't give red to everyone! Just think of the signaling effect of red roses. If you now come up with a chic and elegant purse in red, her heart will beat a little faster for you.

The red wallet – every lady can wear it

Are you confident, have a lot of power and know what you want? Then all you need to be happy is a red wallet. We don't talk about money, but we have the right to pack it in style. This is possible with our elegant red wallets for every occasion. Do you love it playful and romantic? Browse through PICARD for the cute retro wallets with the tried and tested click closure.

You never know where to put your credit cards and need more space than others? Then we have the right wallet in red for you. Wider, thicker and equipped with even more compartments, you too will find the right wallet for all your items. Usually it's not just money that we absolutely have to store. It's all those gift cards, customer cards and photos of loved ones that need a place.

Do you just want to stand out because of your choice of red color, but not because of the size? Then you can find your wallet in standard sizes at PICARD. The striking red is a real eye-catcher, and is guaranteed to catch the eye of the salesperson at the checkout. We bet that his gaze will linger on your wallet (or you) for a little longer?

Bright or subtle? Which red suits you?

Red is not always red, even if we automatically think of the bright signal color. If the fire extinguisher look is too wild for you, you will still find the right wallet in red with us. The color nuances are so diverse that everything from peppy and bright to stylish and elegant is included.

Strictly speaking, the colour pink is also a shade of red. It is created when you mix white and red. At PICARD we want to have the right product for every taste. That's why you can find your wallet in bright red as well as in subtle brown-red.

Which red suits you depends on your personal type. Find your wallet with individual features now at PICARD!

Expand your look now – shop your new red wallet at PICARD

Are you in the mood for shopping and want to look good on your next stroll through town? What you need is a real style tool! You can order your red wallet online from us and have it at home in just a few days.

All you have to do then is put your cards and money away. Are you ready? Then grab your new PICARD wallet in red and draw attention to yourself. It has never been so easy to set the scene with small highlights like a red wallet.