Travel bag or suitcase – which is the better solution?

When you're planning a trip, you're spoiled for choice because there's a huge range of luggage to choose from. But what's the right choice for you: a travel bag or a suitcase ? Both have advantages and disadvantages. The key is that the luggage you choose is of high quality and will accompany you perfectly on your trip.

The question of whether to use a travel bag or a suitcase naturally depends on how you plan to travel. If you have a lot of luggage and travel a lot, a sturdy suitcase is often the better choice. Cheap suitcases have the disadvantage that they quickly lose their shape or offer you less comfort than a high-quality model.

Suitcases or travel bags: What can the hard-shell suitcase do?

Suitcase & hard shell – this duo is unbeatable and is still one of the most popular ways to transport luggage comfortably. Large suitcases with hard shells in particular are a real must-have for those who travel a lot and have to take a lot of luggage with them.

The history of hard-shell suitcases began with a bulky monster that was difficult to transport...

... Today, suitcases can be big, but so can comfort. Suitcases with 4 wheels are particularly popular, as they can be moved like a trolley and are therefore perfect for a quick run to the train station or the airport terminal. The question of whether to use a travel bag or a suitcase is not even an issue on some trips, because if the weight of the luggage is high, only sturdy suitcases can offer real safety.

When choosing between a travel bag and a suitcase, you must also remember that suitcases come in different sizes , but not every model can be taken into the passenger cabin of the aircraft. If the suitcase or trolley has a maximum height of 55 cm , it can be taken on the plane as hand luggage. However, a piece of luggage with a height of 75 cm is also popular and is then checked in as cargo and transported in the cargo hold.

The advantages and disadvantages of suitcases at a glance

When choosing between a travel bag and a suitcase, there are advantages and disadvantages. Basically, you also have to decide whether you want a hard-shell suitcase or whether you prefer a soft model . The latter consists of a flexible outer shell that expands, similar to a travel bag, but in the typical suitcase shape.

Even if you no longer have to choose between comfort and space when choosing between a travel bag or a suitcase, the typical travel suitcase still has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are probably already obvious to you:

  • Suitcases are easy to transport

  • Built-in locks provide security

  • Hard shells protect your luggage reliably

  • You will find a large selection on the market

  • the compartment layout makes packing easier

But there are also disadvantages , especially in terms of weight. Unlike a backpack or a travel bag, the suitcase is already heavy as a raw product . In addition, the purchase costs are higher than for a piece of luggage made of fabric, such as a backpack or a travel bag. However, if you buy a quality product, you will be able to use it for many years or even decades .

Travel bag or suitcase – when the trolley becomes an alternative

Sometimes the choice between a travel bag or a suitcase isn't even necessary if you opt for a third alternative , the trolley. It is available in numerous versions, as a business trolley, as a travel trolley or as a practical trolley for children.

A trolley is always a good choice if you don't have too much luggage with you and the choice between a travel bag or a suitcase is therefore unnecessary. Modern business trolleys, for example, have the capacity for your laptop and a few pieces of luggage and are therefore perfect if you want to spend an overnight stay away from home (for business) and a travel bag or suitcase would take up too much space .

However, there is also the classic suitcase trolley, which can offer more space. This is a suitcase on wheels , which is also known as a trolley. Before you make your choice between a travel bag or a suitcase, take a look at what other alternatives there are.

Travelling with a backpack – that’s also possible

Travel bag? Backpack? Which is the better choice? If you are only travelling for a short time, the question of whether to use a travel bag or a suitcase is often not an issue, as you do not need a lot of luggage. In this case, a backpack is the ideal piece of luggage, as it can be carried comfortably on your back.

If you use a backpack , you can fit a lot of luggage in it and still avoid having to travel with a travel bag or suitcase. This is particularly practical if you want to take your luggage with you frequently, for example because you are constantly changing accommodation during a trip.

A travel backpack of appropriate size should have a volume of 45 to 70 liters so that the luggage can be loaded with clothes and other items. To keep things comfortable, it is helpful if the backpack is divided into different compartments . If you want to take your laptop with you on the go, make sure that there is an additional padded compartment .

Backpack as an addition to travel bag or suitcase

If you have decided between a travel bag or a suitcase when travelling by plane, you still have hand luggage . After all, you are not only allowed to leave your luggage in the hold, you can also take one piece of luggage on board . A travel bag or suitcase is only possible here if the dimensions specified by the airline for hand luggage are adhered to.

An alternative is a backpack, which of course also has to have the right dimensions. There are special hand luggage backpacks that are optimized for use on airplanes . However, as long as the dimensions for the permitted hand luggage are not exceeded, you can take any backpack with you on the plane and have your travel bag or suitcase loaded into the cargo hold at the baggage check-in instead.

Backpacks are perfect for a hike or a city trip . Whether over hill and dale or through the old town: you always have enough space for your most important belongings.

The backpack has its advantages as a piece of luggage:

  • Travel bags or suitcases can sometimes stay at home.

  • The purchase is cheaper than other pieces of luggage.

  • Always have a transportable piece of luggage, even when on vacation.

  • The starting weight is extremely low.

However, the backpack also has its disadvantages:

  • It is a permanent strain on the back when carrying heavy luggage.

  • It offers less protection to the luggage due to soft material.

The travel bag with wheels – the hybrid for your travels

Are you having a hard time deciding between a travel bag or a suitcase and just can't decide which piece of luggage to choose? Maybe you don't even have to, because a travel bag with wheels is a hybrid with the advantages of both options. It's important that it's a sturdy travel bag, because if you're not carrying it over your arm but pulling it on wheels, it needs stability and solid material.

In general, travel bags are extremely flexible, you can find them in numerous visual variations and sizes. So it's not just about deciding whether to get a travel bag or a suitcase , but also about which type of travel bag is best for you.

Basically, a cheap travel bag is often a bad buy because it is exposed to a lot of stress and if the material is of poor quality, it can quickly show signs of wear. But if you look for discounts from high-quality manufacturers, you can also get a cheap travel bag that still offers maximum quality.

The advantages of a rolling travel bag in check

You can easily carry a small travel bag over your shoulder or arm; it hardly weighs you down. If the travel bag is large, it will be more difficult to transport it through the airport or to the train. The choice between a travel bag or a suitcase is often made based on comfort, because a robust travel bag is quite heavy and difficult to carry.

But maybe in the future you won't have to choose between a travel bag or a suitcase if you use a travel bag with practical wheels. This innovation makes it possible for you to transport your luggage comfortably . You have all the advantages of a trolley and can still travel with a travel bag:

  • the rolling travel bag is light

  • Transport is much easier

  • You have plenty of storage space for your luggage

  • the fabric is stretchy and flexible

In conclusion, this piece of luggage is perfect for travelers with a lot of luggage who have to choose between a travel bag or a suitcase and who prefer a travel bag.

Conclusion on travel bags or suitcases: No general recommendation possible!

There is no general answer to the question of whether a travel bag or a suitcase is the right choice, as every vacationer has their own needs. For the family's large luggage, a hard-shell suitcase is still the luggage of choice. If, however, you are only going on vacation for a weekend, a small travel bag is sufficient.

However, the decisive factor when choosing is always that the products are of high quality. Bargains from cheap manufacturers are cheap to buy, but travel bags and suitcases can quickly become defective if the quality is poor . Regardless of whether you are buying a backpack, travel bag or suitcase - if you save on luggage, it can have negative consequences. You usually make such an investment once and can then benefit from it for years.

When making your choice, don't forget to consider the different designs . The trolley function is available on all luggage today and has many advantages. It's not just about storing luggage safely, but also about getting it from A to B as comfortably as possible .