About Us


Natural materials, traditional fine bag-making, creative design. And the passion for our products and the colorful life they accompany us through - that is what makes PICARD so unique. Since 1928.

Since then, as a family company, we have been passing on our enthusiasm for beautiful leather goods to the next generation. The same applies to the experience and knowledge that is necessary for the high-quality processing of leather. PICARD is one of the few training companies that consistently pass on the craft of the fine bag maker.

With the continuation of traditions and values ​​combined with a spirit of discovery and innovative ideas, the family company has developed into a global player. Today over 2,000 people work for PICARD worldwide and ensure that our products are loved all around the world.

The company is responsible for every single member of the large PICARD family and sets the highest quality standards for people and the environment.

That makes PICARD a brand you can touch. Responsible, personal, emotional, warm-hearted, lively, curious, fun-loving. Just as individual as the people who wear PICARD. Let's just call it: "my favorite brand with tradition!" We love PICARD.