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Cleaning imitation leather

Cleaning imitation leather is not difficult, but you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, you should get acquainted with the material, because then you will quickly realize that it is quite different from real leather. In the production of artificial leather, a fabric is covered with a plastic layer. PVC or polyurethane are usually used for this purpose. These plastics contain softeners to make the material feel more comfortable.

In addition, artificial grain structures are added, so that the material can hardly be distinguished visually from real leather. Many prefer the artificial leather because it is much cheaper and no animal skins or hides are used. In fact, the production and disposal of faux leather is very harmful to the environment, so you should rather switch to a more sustainable alternative. In fact, there are many faux leathers that are completely sustainable, as they are made from apple waste or cork, for example.

So that you do not damage the artificial leather, you should now pay attention to a few things. Regular cleaning and care is very important, so that the material is preserved for a long time and still shines after many years in the old splendor. Whether you want to clean a faux leather sofa or maintain faux leather shoes, there are always reliable home remedies that you can use for this. Alternatively, there are also special cleaners and care products with which you can remove stains from imitation leather and refresh the imitation leather. How you ultimately want to clean and care for your imitation leather is up to you, but you should avoid aggressive cleaners in any case. If you follow the following tips for cleaning imitation leather, then nothing can go wrong.

How can I clean imitation leather?

The question "How to clean imitation leather" is quickly answered, because it is comparatively simple. If you want to clean white imitation leather, for example, then it becomes a bit more complicated, because you first need professional cleaners. Stains should be treated as soon as possible, but this is especially true for white leatherette. If you don't have any special cleaners at hand, you can also use nail polish remover and a cotton pad. After cleaning, you should immediately apply an impregnation protection, so that the leatherette is protected and dust and dirt can no longer settle so easily. Every three to six months you should clean your imitation leather, it does not matter whether you use special cleaners or household products. In addition, you must make sure that you do not apply too much cleaner when cleaning imitation leather, in order to protect the material.

Cleaning faux leather: Home remedies that really help

The following home remedies really help when cleaning faux leather. You can easily remove light dirt with baby wipes or a wet cloth. The wet wipes are also gentle on the material and moisturize, but they should not contain alcohol. A wet wipe is a more environmentally friendly option because it doesn't create waste. Just go over the dirty areas in circular motions. Faux leather can fade over time, but you can do something about that. Fine detergent is a real miracle cure for discoloration and stains. Simply dissolve the mild detergent in lukewarm water and wipe the solution over the leather with a soft cloth. A shoe polish brush can also be used to clean imitation leather. This will help you with stubborn stains. Then simply wipe the leatherette and let it dry.

Cleaning imitation leather with an adhesive tape is also an effective method. Especially against stubborn stains from a ballpoint pen or felt-tip pen, the tape is very effective. Cleaning imitation leather with an adhesive tape is quite simple, just stick a piece of tape on the affected area and carefully pull it off again. You can repeat this process until everything is clean. Do you want to clean, for example, leatherette chairs that are very dirty? Then you can also use bile soap, which you mix similar to the mild detergent with lukewarm water and then apply to the leatherette with a cloth. You can also wash imitation leather in the washing machine, but you should still pay attention to the instructions on the care label. After cleaning imitation leather, you must always impregnate the product.

How can I take care of imitation leather?

Cleaning leatherette is a very important aspect if you want to keep your leatherette goods for a long time. Another important factor is the care. The care includes that you regularly remove coarse dirt or dust with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. After cleaning leatherette, you must also always dry and impregnate everything properly, because this is also an important part of the care. Just as with cleaning imitation leather, you can also use household products or special care products. With colorless shoe polish, for example, you can also prepare your imitation leather. Then you can wipe off the shoe polish with a damp cloth and let everything dry. You can also easily repair holes or cracks with liquid leather. Before you do this, however, you must also clean the imitation leather.