Unsere Oktoberfest-Lieblinge

The biggest folk festival in the world is just around the corner: The Oktoberfest. Of course, there will be a big event in Munich, but German cities like Frankfurt and Xanten have also planned an Oktoberfest. Will you be there to celebrate?

Of course you need a great outfit for this occasion. A traditional pair of leather trousers or a gorgeous dirndl are a must! But you still need a matching bag? If so, here are our favorites for the Oktoberfest.

Ladies watch out! Our Safari pouch bag has a distinctive silhouette that is very popular at the Oktoberfest. The lacing allows you to tighten or widen it. The unique visual feature is the material mix of suede and cowhide. Inside the bag you'll find a functional compartment and a loop for a bottle... I wonder if you can fit a beer in there?


Quilted bags have been trendy for years, especially when it comes to Oktoberfest. You'll be a real trendsetter at the Wiesn with our shoulder bag Brera. It combines traditional quilting with a trendy color and modern stylishness. This bag goes tone-in-tone with a pink dirndl or it can be used as a color contrast.


Our shoulder bag Lounge is dreamlike - especially with a blue or green dirndl! The fine mix of materials and the elegant pattern make our Lounge series a true work of art. It is also practical with its smart interior. You'll be the eye-catcher in the beer tent.


Looking for a bordeaux red bag? The shoulder bag Really is just made for you! As it is the perfect all-rounder bag, it will also be there for you at the Oktoberfest. While you raise a glass with your friends and celebrate, it will keep your essentials safe and secure. Its timeless design goes with both traditional and modern dirndls.


Our evening bag Scala also comes to use at the Wiesn. Its luxuriously shimmering satin not only goes with an elegant evening look, but also takes your Dirndl-Outfit to the next level. Its white color and clear, significant shape will make you the most chic girl of all!


This bag goes with any dirndl: Our shoulder bag Yay. Its round shape and the playful detail on the buckle seem to be made for the Oktoberfest! Because it is black, it goes with all dirndls - no matter what color. Comfort is also guaranteed here, as the shoulder strap is adjustable.


Of course, we also have something in reserve for our leather trousers wearers. Our fanny pack Buddy in the color cognac is guaranteed to match your outfit like a glove. It is made of oiled buffalo leather and can also be worn as a shoulder bag. The 2-way zip is especially practical when drinking beer, because then you still are able to open it in the evening.


Small and practical: This is the phone and shoulder bag Buddy. The colour matches your leather trousers perfectly! Sturdy, made of buffalo leather and equipped with solid zips and even snap hooks, this companion can really take on anything. Let's get those mugs up!


Not only perfect for the Oktoberfest - Afterwards, the shoulder bag Frère remains a favourite for everyday life as well. The zips and compartments keep your valuables safe. It guarantees unbelievable carrying comfort, so that you won't even notice it after one or two beers, but it will still be right by your side.


Have you found the perfect match for your outfit? Then let's toast together. It's going to be a blast!

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