Fair Friday - Spenden nach Bangladesch

We donate 20% of the sales, which are converted from 26 - 29.11.2021 in our online store to the donation organization Subarna Bhumi Foundation (SBF)* in Bangladesh (http://www.subarnabhumi.com/).

With this action, we want to set an example against the discount battles and enormous price reductions that have become established on Black Friday and similar days. In particular, we want to counteract the low prices that make us doubt that the products are manufactured under humane conditions. Instead, we want to give something back and do good.

We chose the SBF organization because we built our factory in Bangladesh in the 1990s, have built a close bond with the local people, and are committed to helping our local employees live better lives. Despite all this, we believe that there is still too much poverty and injustice in this country and we would like to set another milestone through our fundraising campaign. The proceeds to the organization will be used to support children who have not yet had the opportunity to receive an education. With this we want to give as many children as possible the chance to go to school and to develop.

The PICARD school in Bangladesh currently goes up to 7th grade, but will be expanded in the future. PICARD employs 12 people with handicaps in Bangladesh and is accessible to wheelchair users. To date, we also enable local people to learn to write and read through continuing education programs. As a training company, we offer real opportunities for advancement and a kindergarten at the workplace. This is intended to enable women in particular to go to work. Here, children aged 1-6 are cared for by trained educators. In addition, sports and cultural activities are offered. The company doctor offers free treatment twice a week and a trained nurse is on duty every day. The costs of regular treatments or health tests, such as eye tests, are covered by PICARD. PICARD Bangladesh is also committed to combating youth unemployment. Together with a local aid organization, young people are trained here as carpenters, seamstresses or in the repair of machines.

Under the following link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rODtlItxo64&t=32s) you will get an insight into the measures we take to help the people in Bangladesh. In addition, we met with an employee from the factory and conducted an interview with her:


PICARD: Ms. Begum, you can read and write, which is still not a matter of course in your country. Did you go to school?

Mrs. Begum: No, I did not go to any school. I come from a very poor area and am the daughter of a day laborer. I joined PICARD Bangladesh at the age of 17. At that time, I could neither read nor write, nor could I even sign my pay slip. Today I am a group leader.

PICARD: What has changed for you concretely as a result?

Mrs. Begum: Since I can read, I am much more self-confident. I can read the newspaper and form an opinion. I also rely on it constantly in my job: Measurements, data analysis and much more. I couldn't do that without education.

PICARD: How has your life changed since you joined PICARD?

Mrs. Begum: Thanks to PICARD, I was able to buy a piece of land and build my own hut. My children go to a prestigious school. My husband and I can support our family. And I can manage my own financial affairs. That makes me independent and proud.

*The Subarna Bhumi Foundation (SBF) has been registered under the Societies Registration ACT, 1860. The organization has a very active Board of Directors consisting of 7 members. The operations/activities of SBF are strictly monitored by this group, every six months all activities including financial matters are reviewed. During the first and second waves of COVID-19, the SBF assisted 650 families by providing them with financial and food support. The team is working full time in this pandemic emergency. To combat the pandemic, SBF is providing health and hygiene kits to 1,650 children in rural Bangladesh.

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