Female Business Festival on March 21, 2024 in Munich

Women are absolutely the focus of our company.
Most of our employees are women. 👭
The bags we produce are mainly designed for women. 🛍️
Without women, PICARD would not exist as it is
as we have achieved in the 95 years of company history. 💪
Therefore, our participation in the Female Business Festival in Munich was a no-brainer.

We not only had our Spring/Summer 2024 collection with us, but also our leather embossing machine, with which we could emboss a keychain for each woman according to her wishes. This enabled us to connect with many women and to bring PICARD as a brand and our bags and craftsmanship to life.

The festival is aimed at all women who want to dedicate themselves to their careers, personal development, equal opportunities, diversity and female empowerment. Through the lively exchange with many characters, not only did the visitors go home happy and strengthened, we were also able to generate a lot of good energy for ourselves. 💚