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Wedding celebrations are special events and every detail plays an important role. One of the most important accessories for bride and guests are the wedding bags. A beautiful wedding bag can complete the outfit and create a special highlight. In addition, wedding bags are also practical and provide space for all the important things you need on a wedding day.

Different types of wedding bags

There are many different types of wedding bags, each with their own benefits. For the bride, smaller, elegant bags that match her wedding dress are an important addition to the look. A clutch in the color of the bride's dress can complete the outfit and be a nice option. Larger bags are perfect for guests who want to carry all their things comfortably. Shoulder bags are a great choice for guests who also want their hands free. It is important to choose a bag that fits your style and suits your needs.

Important factors when choosing a wedding bag

An important decision when choosing a wedding bag is the material. Satin, silk and leather are especially popular for wedding bags and offer a rich choice. Depending on the wedding style, a particular material may also be a better choice. For example, a silk bag may be an elegant option for a formal wedding reception, while a leather or fabric bag may be more appropriate for a more casual wedding reception. The color choice is also important and should match the rest of the outfit. For example, the bride can choose a clutch in the color of her wedding dress, while guests can wear more neutral colors such as beige, black or gray.

Practicality and functionality

Besides the appearance it is also important that the wedding bag is practical and functional.

It is important that the bag has enough space to store all the important things like a cell phone, lipstick, wallet and other small items. It is also advisable to choose a bag that is comfortable to carry so that you can have it with you throughout the day. For example, a bag with a strap or shoulder chain can be more comfortable to carry than a clutch without a handle.

We recommend...

The classic - our simple evening bag Scala! This bag not only convinces with its shimmering satin look, but it also has a practical shoulder chain that allows the bag to be worn comfortably over the shoulder. Its neutral colors and timeless design make it perfect for a wedding.

The handle bag Princess is a real eye-catcher due to its noble design and eye-catching shape. Its special look makes it particularly suitable for wedding guests who are looking for a bag that will enhance their outfit and make it even more chic. But that's not the only reason why the handle bag Princess is a must-have, its also because the bag offers plenty of storage space and is therefore the perfect all-rounder.

Our evening bag Scala in the color old silver is characterized by its elegant and timeless design. It is made of noble shiny satin and has a practical flap with a zipper, which ensures that important items can be stored safely. This evening bag is perfect as a wedding bag as it matches many wedding dresses and adds a stylish accent.


Overall, wedding bags are an important part of the outfit on a wedding day. It is important to choose a bag that fits the style and is practical and functional. By carefully choosing the material, color and size, you can find a bag that perfectly completes the outfit and therefore adds a special highlight.

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