PICARD beim EMOTION Women’s Day 2021

On September 13, this year's EMOTION Women's Day took place at the Atlantic Hotel in Hamburg. For the first time, we were also there as a partner: "We were on site in 2019 to check out the event and were so excited by the spirit and sense of community that we decided to be part of it."

It has been more than ten years since Dr. Katarzyna "Kasia" Mol-Wolf founded EMOTION Verlags GmbH. Kasia Mol-Wolf firmly believed in the concept behind EMOTION, which is to empower women in their own path, and worked on her magazines and ideas with conviction. She expanded EMOTION in the following years with the line extensions SLOW, WORKING WOMEN and financial of EMOTION.

The great interest of the visitors of the EMOTION Women's Days 2021 made them aware of how important the exchange with other people is, especially in times of a pandemic, and the organizers of the event convinced all along the line with top-seated expert panels and explosive discussion topics. In addition to the panels, the visitors were offered a special embossing action by us - with individually embossed leather bracelets, which are made of 100% leather scraps from our manufactory in Obertshausen. This way we were able to create a loving, stylish and lasting memory of the EDW 2021 for all visitors*.

The EMOTION Women's Days serve to provide information, such as through a master class on the topics of new work, digitalization and finance, as well as inspiration and exchange with female managers and coaches. Empowerment among women is writ large here.

This year, the EMOTION Women's Days 2021 were organized as a hybrid event with live lectures at the Hotel Atlantic Hamburg and livestream for viewers* at home. With more than 80 international and national speakers* on topics related to careers, politics, finance, business and mindfulness, it was a high-caliber event that built on the great success of previous EMOTION Women's Days. Speakers such as best-selling British author Caitlin Moran, EU LGBTQI* Special Ambassador Riccardo Simonetti, Düzen Tekkal (GermanDream and HAWAR), Judith Holofernes (formerly of "Wir sind Helden"), and Jasmina Kuhnke (Internet activist) focused their presentations and panel discussions on a particularly important and forward-looking development of our time: solidarity and community. In line with the motto of this year's EMOTION Women's Days: "Return to We." With around 100 participants* on site and over 1,000 digital viewers*, EMOTION Women's Days 2021 joins the successful series of the popular event.

More information about the EMOTION Women's Days can be found here.

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