PICARD spendet 6.500 Euro nach Bangladesch


As part of our Fair Friday campaign on the weekend of November 26, 2021 and a Christmas fundraiser, we were able to collect € 6,500 in December for the Subarna Bhumi Foundation (SBF) in Bangladesh. We consciously decided against the discount battles on Black Friday and instead created Fair Friday. The idea is to do something good not only for yourself, but also for other people. The others - in this case, disadvantaged children in Bangladesh. With this money we enable children in Bangladesh to learn reading and writing and to develop themselves. We are proud to be able to make our contribution and thank you for your great support, through your purchases on Fair Friday, by participating in our Advent raffles and by buying our bookmarks.

This is how the donations are made up:

Among other things, 20% of the sales that PICARD was able to turn over in its online store during the Fair Friday weekend (November 26 to 29, 2021) went into the donation total. Furthermore, the company donated 1 euro for each:n participant:in its Advent sweepstakes on Instagram and Facebook. In the online store, retail stores and factory outlet, bookmarks were also on sale for five euros in December, with 50% of the proceeds also going into the donation pot. The bookmarks are lovingly handmade in Germany and are made from 100% leather scraps, contributing to PICARD's sustainability model.

Why Bangladesh?

PICARD opened a factory in Bangladesh back in the 1990s and has maintained a close relationship with the local people ever since. The factory creates jobs and a training center for the people of Bangladesh. In addition, sports and cultural activities are offered. Furthermore, PICARD has created a school and a kindergarten.

"With the proceeds to the SBF organization, children are supported who have not had the opportunity for education so far. Thus we would like to give as many children as possible, the chance to go to school and develop," said Georg Picard, Managing Director of PICARD Lederwaren GmbH & Co. KG.

For more information about PICARD's relationship with the people of Bangladesh, click here.

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