PICARD x Luana Silva


(Cooperation from 2018)

Natural materials, traditional fine-sewing craftsmanship and creative design - that's what PICARD has stood for for 90 years now. 90 years - this number not only describes a change in design.

Since 2015, PICARD has been operating social media and actively plays on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. Cooperations with well-known bloggers and influencers have been established.

For example, with the fashion and lifestyle blogger Luana Silva:

In the joint collaboration, she was able to present her own Picard bag on social media and bring it closer to her now almost one million fans.

In November 2017, PICARD was able to realize a long-standing wish of the young entrepreneur. She designed, together with PICARD, her dream handbag. Stylish and very ladylike with additional metal applications on the front, so presents the extravagant sister of the Luana Family. Through a gold-colored shoulder chain creates an absolutely noble look with a rock touch. But that is far from all that the "new companion" has to offer.


Since Luana Silva maintains a cooperation with Artdeco, a lipstick holder is hidden in the bag, in which a high-quality lipstick of the brand finds its place. So that the lipstick always sits perfectly on the go, everything has been thought of: The integrated, leather-covered pocket mirror makes applying lipstick and styling a breeze. Ready to go!

The bag is currently not available in the store, but we are still in contact with Luana Silva and are preparing more exciting projects for you in the future.

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