PICARDs Rolle beim Projekt "Leitbild - Nachhaltigere Lederchemie"

At PICARD we are proud to be a responsible player for a more sustainable future for the leather industry. Together with other leading companies in the industry we participated in a research project at the University of Darmstadt. The aim of the project was to develop a mission statement for a more sustainable leather chemistry.

As part of the project we contributed our knowledge and practical experience to develop concrete criteria for a greater sustainability in the leather industry. Two of our employees actively supported the project and worked on site.

The result of the project is an open access document. It includes several sections on leather chemistry. We contributed our knowledge to help the leather industry move towards a more sustainable chemistry. The content of the document includes information on banned substances in the leather industry, future regulations, progress and measures to make the leather chemistry more sustainable, as well as a guide for the industry.

We will continue our commitment to sustainability and transparency in the leather industry and work to ensure that the industry successfully meets the challenges of a more sustainable future.

Click here for the detailed study by the University of Darmstadt:


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