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You have reserved a table in a chic restaurant and would like to have a few drinks in a classy bar afterwards. For this special occasion you treated yourself to a chic evening dress and beautiful shoes. On that special evening you stand in front of your mirror and look at your great outfit and feel good. To match your chic outfit, you have picked up a stylish evening bag from PICARD in the online shop or at the leather store in the same colors as your shoes.

Are you looking for an evening bag that matches the colors of your evening dress? Then discover the PICARD clutches made of high-quality leather. Whether in the online shop or at our partner stores, the PICARD evening bags always make it a very special shopping experience for you, because every woman knows that a PICARD designer bag is the icing on the cake for your evening wear. So, what are you waiting for? Get the right eye-catcher and add some glamor to your evening.

Why you should own an evening bag

You should have an evening bag for the following reasons. First of all, an evening bag is very practical because it can safely store your valuables. In addition, it is also designed very clearly, so you can find your smartphone immediately if you want to take a photo at an event, for example. An evening bag made of leather ensures that your outfit gets a noble touch. Ultimately, evening bags in the right colors are a real upgrade for every outfit. 

Not all evening bags are made from leather, there are also clutches made of synthetic materials. The clutches, which are made of high-quality leather, such as cowhide, are a long-term companion for your everyday life. In order for your evening bag to still look as beautiful after many years as it did at the beginning, it is important that you take care of the bag from time to time and clean it with the appropriate cleaning agents if necessary. Impregnation protection is recommended for all types of leather; in addition, depending on the leather of your bag, you have to use the appropriate care and cleaning agents. Cowhide can be cleaned with special wax or brushes, for example.

The right evening bag for your needs

Imagine that you received an invitation from an old friend for a wedding celebration on a large scale. In the first moment the euphoria is great and you are happy for your old friend, but in the second moment you get nervous because you don't know what to wear. Fortunately, you still have two weeks to find the right outfit. You can find a chic dress and matching shoes within a very short time, but you notice that none of your evening bags really go with your outfit. Either the colors of the evening bags do not match the dress, or the clutches are not chic enough for a wedding, so you are looking around for a new evening bag. 

A few weeks ago you were visiting a friend and saw that she owns a beautiful evening bags from PICARD, so you take a look at the PICARD clutches. You are looking for a black evening bag because the colors of your outfit would go perfectly with a black bag. You would also like to have a small evening bag because your hands are not that big. So you filter in the PICARD online shop for the right evening bags for your outfit and you actually find what you are looking for. It should be a bag from the AUGURI series, as the evening bags in this series come in high-quality leather and not only go well with a formal evening, but also with a casual look.

High-quality leather clutches in different colors

The right color of an evening bag, besides the material of the bag, is the most important aspect. At PICARD there are evening bags in countless different colors and color combinations. From the classic elegant black evening bag to the green evening bag with snakeskin look. All women will find the right evening bag for their outfits at PICARD. Other colors are beige, blue, bronze, gray, red, silver and white. Do you have a red evening dress and are you looking for a classy red evening bag? Or would you like the evening bag to be the same color as your gray evening shoes? No problem at PICARD you will find the right evening bags in the right colors.

In addition to the different colors, PICARD also has the right design for the right occasion. For example, if you are invited to a formal event, you will likely need clutches without straps or handles. On the other hand, there are many women who like to hang their bags around their shoulders. The best thing is that PICARD has the right bag for every taste! You can choose either an evening clutch bag with or without a strap and there are also many evening bags that you can easily remove the straps from, for example if you are invited to a formal party. These include the evening bags from the SCALA series, which are ideally suited for a romantic evening.

Simple and practical - the right evening bag for every lady

An evening bag is small and doesn't have a lot of storage space, but it still offers enough space for your indispensable companions. A woman usually always has a collection of handbags and clutches that are color-coordinated with the various outfits. The problem is that the common outfit of women has no pockets, which is why it is essential to carry a clutch in your hand or around your shoulder to keep your valuables safe. Valuables that find enough space in an evening bag include a smartphone, a key and the wallet. 

The evening bags are of course not only practical, they are also a great accessory for women. The designer leather bags from PICARD are a real eye-catcher due to the high-quality leather, unlike ordinary clutches. PICARD has been processing leather into bags, wallets and accessories for many decades. A PICARD evening bag is characterized by the traditional processing of high-quality leather goods and the modern design.

Are you looking for a suitable evening bag for your needs? Then discover the stylish and high-quality clutches from PICARD now!