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Collection: Men Backpack

The men's leather backpack is a casual alternative to the briefcase that is perfect for your everyday work. The backpacks from PICARD are more casual than conventional work bags, but they are no less elegant. The high-quality leather of the men's business backpack ensures an elegant and serious appearance and makes a good impression on your employer and work colleagues. A vintage leather backpack is not only casual and elegant, but also very practical, as it offers enough storage space for your most important everyday companions. This is ensured by the many compartments in the men's leather backpack.

Which everyday companions do you need for your work? A laptop or tablet, a few relevant documents and your lunch box are among the companions for your everyday work. A vintage leather backpack from PICARD offers enough space for all these items. The laptop or tablet compartment is padded on the inside to ensure the safety of your devices. With the leather backpack you will never lose track and will immediately find the right document in your pocket. Find the right men's leather backpack in the PICARD online shop.

The perfect leather backpack for men must convince with class

A briefcase or a business bag, unlike a conventional men's backpack, go with a classic outfit. The vintage leather backpack from PICARD puts an end to this prejudice by convincing with its high-quality leather and stylish design. With the men's business backpack PICARD has managed to convince with class, so have a look for yourself. A leather backpack for men who can convince you with its class, you can find at PICARD!

PICARD is known for its production of high-quality leather goods. The classic elegant style is combined with modern trends. The Vintage Backpack is a prime example of this, as it was made of timeless leather and yet it leans its design on current fashion trends. However, the leather backpack for men is not only suitable for everyday business, you want to convince people with your classy fashion sense outside of your professional life, then the vintage men's backpacks from PICARD are just right for you. Or do you need a leather backpack for your leisure activities?

Are you someone who likes to travel with a backpack? Then the men's leather backpack from PICARD is just right for you! It offers enough space for snacks and drinks for in between, a camera and many other items that you need on your trip. And the best thing is that you always look very elegant with a leather backpack. Order your leather backpack for men for your next trip now!

Backpack for men with taste and style

Are you a man who values ​​the style of his outfit a lot? Then you will find exactly the right leather backpack for your taste at PICARD. The backpacks are available as laptop backpacks, rolltop backpacks, sports backpacks, hiking backpacks, waterproof backpacks, outdoor backpacks, backpacks for the university, city backpacks, small backpacks and mini backpacks. It doesn't matter what occasion you need a men's leather backpack for, at PICARD you will find exactly the right thing for your needs. After you have decided for which occasion you need a leather backpack, you have to decide on the right look.

In addition to the different variants, there are of course backpacks in different colors. Should it be a classic backpack in black, or should it be a leather backpack in blue, brown or gray? At PICARD you will find the right design and the right color for your outfit. If you have brown leather work shoes, then a brown leather backpack for men would go perfectly with your work outfit. The same applies to a black jacket with a black leather belt, because it goes well with a black men's backpack. Now match the colors of your outfit with the color of your leather backpack.

Laptop backpack for men - the perfect companion for business trips and the office

A big advantage over a briefcase or a business bag that can only be carried with one hand is that the weight of the leather backpack for men is evenly distributed on your back. The point for ergonomics in this round goes to the business backpack for men. With a leather backpack you can not only make a good impression, but also protect your back.

Do you often have back pain because you sit at your desk a lot and then have to carry a heavy, unergonomic business bag? Then do something about it and get yourself a men's business backpack that can distribute the weight optimally on your back. On top of that, it looks very elegant and is quite practical due to its large storage space. The shoulder backpack for men can do even more than that, because it is also ideal as a companion for business trips. Find your reliable leather backpack at PICARD!

Imagine you have to go on a business trip at short notice and want to take all relevant documents and your work laptop with you. With a large backpack you have enough space for the relevant items for your work and also for fresh clothes, as you can hardly wear the same clothes every day. Thus, the men's leather backpack from PICARD offers enough space.

The business backpack for men - made of leather - timelessly good

Regardless of whether you are looking for a student backpack or a classic men's backpack in black, PICARD has the right backpack for you in high-quality leather. PICARD has been processing leather goods into high-quality bags, wallets and accessories since 1928. Leather goods, such as the leather men's backpack, are a timeless trend, as they not only look very elegant and fashionable, but are also very practical.

A leather men's backpack is very robust due to its high-quality leather and it will accompany you for many years. So that the leather backpack looks as good as it did at the beginning even after many years, you have to pay attention to the correct cleaning and care of your leather backpack. It depends on what type of leather your leather backpack was made with. With a backpack made of fine buffalo leather, for example, you have to use a cleaning solvent. However, for all kinds of leather goods, such as the leather backpack, you should apply an impregnation protection.

Check out the PICARD online shop and don't miss out on a men's backpack sale. Filter for the right series and the right color for your taste and get the perfect leather backpack for your taste. Treat your back to a break with the ergonomic leather backpack from PICARD. If you would like to take the leather backpack in your hand, that's no problem with the Luis series, as it has adjustable straps that can be joined together for side carrying.

Are you looking for a practical, stylish and long-term companion for your everyday business life or your business trip? Then you can now find the right leather backpack for men in the online shop or in PICARD stores!