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Shoulder bags are only for women? That is old news, because PICARD designs stylish men's shoulder bags in current models. The selection is large, from a men's leather shoulder bag to a sling bag, we have great models in our range. Whether from small to large or a men's shoulder bag in black leather. You are spoiled for choice. Find your new trendy accessory and freshen up your look with PICARD today.

Shoulder bags for men - from basic to popular accessory

The men's shoulder bag is currently enjoying a hype. Recognized by top brands, the stylish crossbody bag is enjoying a real boom. Whether from Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, none of these top brands would like to miss the men's shoulder bag in their collection. The days of only choosing between a black and a brown bag are over. Shoulder Bags are available in numerous sizes, variations, colors and designs. You can buy our men's "Toscana" crossbody bag in black, chestnut and camel. Do you have an individual style? Mega! Freshen up your style with a trendy men's shoulder bag and inspire your surroundings.

Functionality and style - the men's shoulder bag

Style and trends are very important these days and everyone wants to go out of the house in top style. From head to toe. The hat must match the shoes. The color of the jacket can not clash with the shoes, the accessories must match the rest of the look. Either all or nothing is the motto. But what is also very important is that things are practical. The benefits should make our lives easier. The best thing is to have shampoo with shower gel, facial cleansing plus care all in one. How nice that we have good news for you. No, we didn't develop a shampoo! We'd rather keep doing what we do best. Be a German bag manufacturer who produces leather goods in great designs and in high quality. Therefore your 2 in 1 product is the men's shoulder bag.

Small, compact format in a modern design

The men's shoulder bag is a real all-rounder. It devours your valuables very stylishly and in a minimal way and stows them away safely. You always have your body bag with you, and you don't have to worry about losing something. Are you being sent to the supermarket? No problem, zoom, wallet packed, keys, smartphone. Was it a longer stay in the supermarket? That doesn't matter, a shopping bag fits into your men's shoulder bag.

A men's shoulder bag offers a lot of storage space, which is what makes the practical all-rounder so popular. Popular with women as well as men. These will pep up your party outfit. Because let's be honest, the first impression counts. With a men's shoulder bag you come across as more casual than with full trouser pockets. If you want to buy a shoulder bag, we are 100% sure that at PICARD you will find the right men's shoulder bag for you and your style.

Men's leather shoulder bag - quality meets style

Leather shoulder bags for men are a high quality fashion accessory for men with style. Leather embodies elegance and style. Do you feel addressed? Then you should look around at PICARD for a men's leather shoulder bag. The "Breakers" series from PICARD would be a great option for you. The smart, small crossbody bag is your loyal companion when traveling or in the city. Thanks to the high-quality, robust workmanship, it won't let you down and completes your outfit. But a leather shoulder bag is not just a good choice if you want to exude elegance.

The men's crossbag can also be styled loosely, casually and sportily. If we have met your style exactly, then you should definitely take a look at the men's leather shoulder bag "Torrino". Its handy format and large storage space make it the perfect leisure bag. Whether on the bike, on a nice walk or for a coffee in town. In the colors black, mocha and jeans you rock the casual look. Of course, processed with top quality leather.

A men's leather shoulder bag from PICARD will more than exceed your expectations.

Advantages of men's shoulder bags

A men's shoulder bag not only looks good, no, it also has some advantages. With a men's shoulder bag, you always have your smartphone, wallet, sunglasses and much more with you and close at hand. Stressful day? Do you have to go from appointment to another appointment quickly? Stow your valuables in the shoulder bag and even have a free hand to make calls or enjoy your coffee-to-go. The men's shoulder bag is a true fashion wonder and just super practical. On the way to the office, to sports, to shopping or to a party - with a men's shoulder bag from PICARD you are fashionably up to date and well prepared for your everyday life. Take a look at our "Buddy" series and let your men's shoulder bag become your new buddy.

Discover your new must-have - the shoulder bag for men

What exactly is a must-have? A must-have should be a favorite piece that can be combined with many outfits and also has its uses. Shoulder bags can be worn with many styles. Sporty, elegant, classic, modern shoulder bags can be combined in many ways - this is what makes the men's shoulder bag a true multi-talent. For various occasions, whether traveling, on business or in your free time with friends, you have everything you need tossed over your shoulder. Enjoy freedom of movement and a comfortable fit.

Are handbags and accessories only for women? Wake up. Because there are accessories for men that make every man and every outfit bloom. Do you need something to upgrade your outfit? Try a classy, ​​high-quality leather shoulder bag. The ladies will turn their heads when you steal the show from them. Top brands bring out collection after collection of new, extraordinary models of shoulder bags. They have become a true it-bag that the fashion capitals and catwalks can no longer be imagined without.

Whether you are a fashion freak or the casual type, a men's shoulder bag is indispensable for you. In its collections, PICARD designs numerous models of shoulder bags in fashionable, timeless designs with high-quality workmanship. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of our range and let PICARD inspire you.