Canvas Bags

Canvas bag

A canvas bag is made of an extremely robust material, which makes the shoulder bags ideal for your everyday life. They have the advantage that they do not scratch so quickly and at the same time protect the contents very well. The canvas bags from PICARD are something special because they not only are extremely practical, but also look very elegant at the same time. So you can easily use a canvas bag for your everyday business life. Are you someone who enjoys doing sports? Then the canvas shoulder bag would be just right for you!

The canvas bag by PICARD is made from a combination of high quality leather and canvas. Both materials are very robust and of high quality. The practical bag is also available in different colors and series. This means that everyone can find the right canvas leather bag for their needs. Regardless of whether you are an athlete, business man or woman, etc. at PICARD, everyone will find the right bag for their taste. So the best thing is that the bags can be used in many ways and is still practical and robust at the same time. The material canvas has been used by mankind for ages because it is a very useful material.

What is a canvas bag?

A canvas bag is a shoulder bag or shoulder bag that is made of a very robust material. Thanks to this very robust material, the bag is optimally protected against scratches or holes. The peculiarity of the canvas men bag by PICARD is that it is made from a combination of fine leather and sturdy canvas. This means that the vintage canvas bags have no weaknesses, only advantages. Thanks to the sturdy canvas, your items are always well protected and cannot break so quickly, and additionally the high-quality leather also makes the bags look elegant.

Is sport your biggest hobby and you always have to take a lot of sportswear with you to the training? Then the canvas bags from PICARD are just right for you! With these bags you have enough space for your sports shoes, training clothes, drinks and all other items you need for your sport. Everyone knows it when the bag has to be stowed away quickly after changing clothes so that you can get started. The bag is then often thrown into a locker, so that ordinary bags can be quickly become damaged by doing this. Your canvas bag, on the other hand, is very robust and can easily survive this procedure in the long term without being scratched or damaged. At the same time, your stowed items are safely protected.

What material are the canvas bags made of?

The canvas bags are made of a robust material called canvas. The origin of the word is in Latin Cannapaceus and in Greek κάνναβις, which translated means cannabis. This is because hemp, i.e. cannabis, was used to make sailcloths back then. The big warships of that time were made of canvas to withstand the stormy weather of the world's oceans, this will surely give you an idea of ​​how robust this material is. The material is so robust that it is created using a certain type of weave. The robust material is used for many textiles, such as shoes, pants, canvases, rucksacks, cartridge belts, chairs or even fire hoses. So you notice that the material of the canvas bag is very high quality and practical.

The canvas bags by PICARD are not only made of canvas, but also of fine leather. This extraordinary combination of high quality and robust material makes the canvas bag by PICARD a very exceptionally practical bag. You can use the canvas leather bag not only for sports or everyday life, but also as a business bag in the office. With the canvas bag with leather you will always leave a good impression in your meeting and attract envious looks in the office.

In which variations is the canvas bag available?

The canvas bag by PICARD is available in different versions, colors and color combinations, so that every taste and every outfit is covered. Are you more the type for a men's canvas shoulder bag or do you prefer to carry a canvas shoulder bag? At PICARD you will find the right canvas bag for your taste.

The canvas bags are also available in your favorite color. Simply discover the fine canvas bags from PICARD in the PICARD online shop and filter the results according to the color that best suits your outfits. If you use the bag as a business bag, the black canvas bag would be ideal. In addition, the men's canvas bag also offers enough space for a notebook, which you could certainly use in your everyday work. The robust material of the vintage canvas bag will protect your expensive notebook if you hit a door frame with your bag, for example. As you can see, the canvas bags have many advantages and that is not all, the canvas bags can be found in the PICARD online shop at a good price.

Are you looking for a reliable companion for your everyday life? Then discover the canvas bag from PICARD and you will have a long-term companion for your everyday life who will keep your items safe.