Clutch - perfect for any elegant evening outfit

The term clutch bag, also known as pochette, came up in Germany in the 2000s and describes a small, chic women's handbag. A clutch bag is a very small evening handbag. It is usually not much larger than a wallet and usually has no handles or straps and is therefore carried by hand or clamped between the upper body and forearm. Hence the term clutch, stems from the English term "to clutch", which means something like "hold tightly".

At the beginning of the last century, the clutch handbag - at that time still known under the German term "Unterarmtasche" - was considered chic and modern. A clutch is a very discreet accessory that should not distract from the elegant evening wear, but can enhance any evening outfit. It is usually made of very fine material, often of precious leather. At PICARD you will find the most beautiful clutch bags in the finest materials and with the best workmanship at a low price. With a bag from PICARD you are sure to have a wonderful evening!

Discreet accessories - that embellish every outfit - at PICARD

Not many woman's utensils can be stowed in a clutch, but there is room for the most important things. In the evening, a woman needs her cell phone, her wallet or credit card, her house key, maybe a little make-up and that's it. These utensils find their place in a clutch bag. A clutch from the Scala series by PICARD is, in addition to a handbag, above all a noble accessory: whether with rivets or sequins, at PICARD you can find your favorite bag online that enhances any evening outfit.

A more conspicuous clutch is better suited to simple, black evening dresses, because it gives these dresses that certain something. You should, however, choose a more discreet clutch with eye-catching, pompous evening dresses. Regardless of which clutch you choose, you should definitely make sure that the bag is finely crafted and also looks high-quality inside. With PICARD you can be sure that you will enjoy your handbag for a long time - because PICARD stands for top quality!