College and Messenger bags

College bag: the messenger bag with that certain something

It's not just any messenger bag - the college bag is a shoulder bag with cult status. Based on the earlier school bags, college bags usually have two buckles at the front with which they can be reliably closed. The shoulder bags are carried casually over the shoulder with a long, mostly padded shoulder strap. Some models also have an additional short handle on the upper side, which makes them comfortable to carry. College bags made of sturdy dark leather have a great nostalgic yet classic style.

The perfect accessory for the urban man

The traditional German company PICARD has been producing first-class leather goods since 1928 - for both men and women. With the PICARD Scotty series, the brand manufacturer also offers a range of elegant, casual college bags. Due to the practical format, the PICARD copies are the perfect companions for university, when traveling or in the office. Men in particular often have the problem of not finding a suitable bag. Backpacks are usually too casual or sporty, small models quickly appear as if they had been stolen from the girlfriend. Therefore, college bags are the perfect accessory for the urban man. They look elegant, but still cool and casual. They are also ideal for everyday business. There is enough space in the college bag for laptops, tablets and folders, as well as wallets, smartphones and glasses cases. It replaces any boring laptop bag in a stylish but cool way. The additional compartments inside ensure perfect organization. Choose your college bag from the PICARD range.

Messenger Bag: The classic shoulder bag in urban chic

A messenger bag is probably the most popular shoulder bag for women and men who like a hip urban look. The design of the messenger bags is as simple as it is ingenious: A large main compartment - possibly with a practical compartmentalization - that is closed with a flap. The whole thing is carried with a strap on one shoulder. The belt runs across the chest and the bag sits on the lower back. From there, the Messenger Bag grants full access to its contents at all times. The design is inspired by old mail bags and courier bags.

At PICARD you will find beautiful messenger bags made of high quality materials. The shoulder bags of the Buddy series made of oiled buffalo leather for men testify to the style and elegance of the wearer. The messenger bags of the Force series with their material mix of cowhide and robust nylon are also completely convincing.

Whether messenger bags for women or men, you can easily find the hip shoulder bags in the PICARD online shop at a great price-performance ratio.

Practical companions in everyday life

An original messenger bag is usually designed a bit larger. This means that it offers plenty of space for everything you need in your everyday life. After all, the pocket shape was originally developed for couriers and the post office. To this day, bicycle couriers and Co. swear by the practical bags in urban style.

What is good as a work utensil cannot be bad for your packed everyday life. The laptop, a warm sweater, various pens, something to drink, cell phone, make-up kit ... There is really room for everything in your messenger bag. Thanks to the robust workmanship in the usual PICARD quality, the bag can easily withstand the weight. However, you should regularly change the shoulder on which the weight of the bag rests. This is how you prevent back pain caused by the one-sided stress.

Order your hip and practical accessory online from PICARD. Within Germany, delivery of the Messenger Bag is of course free of charge as well.