Crossbody Bags

Is there any bag that you can't do without? We can't think of only one so quickly. However, a crossbody bag should be in every wardrobe. At PICARD you can buy many different models of crossbody bags for women. You will find the fashion must-have in many colors and in timeless, fashionable and elegant models. Would you like to give your stylish outfit a little pep? Then a crossbody bag women is perfect to upgrade your outfit. Excellent for a walk, a shopping spree with the girls or for a cocktail evening.

What is a crossbody bag?

Everyone is talking about the crossbody bag. But what is a crossbody bag? Another word for a crossbody bag is the shoulder bag. Shoulder bags are characterized by the fact that they are handy and small, but a lot fits into the bags. If you imagine you want to go shopping for a moment, you still need some things. You need your key, your wallet, your shopping bag and of course your smartphone. A crossbody bag for women is small, but all your indispensable companions fit in it. Another characteristic of crossbody bags is that you have both hands free. You have the option of throwing a crossbody bag over your shoulder in a relaxed manner. Crossbody bags can be worn in a sporty and casual way at an angle over your upper body or on one shoulder. Perfect for all women who need their hands free when shopping.

If you are looking for an all-rounder among bags, then you have hit the b with a crossbody bag! Your valuables are safely stowed with the zipper and the bags are super practical.

High quality crossbody bags in leather

In addition to the look of bags, the material also plays a very important role. If you invest in a bag that is made of high quality material, you have usually found a companion for many years. Anyone who knows a little about fashion and materials knows that leather is a very high quality and durable material. Leather embodies a stylish and timeless elegance that can hardly be surpassed. If you, as a stylish and fashion-conscious lady, rely on a leather crossbody bag, you underline your style with a fashionable and elegant accessory.

Only the best for tough women. Whether in an important meeting or an important dinner, crossbody bags in leather are particularly robust and will never let you down. With the right cleaning and care, it is guaranteed that your new fashion must-have will accompany you on many other occasions. There is something for every taste and for every lady. If you are wearing a beautiful black evening dress, the black crossbody bag is the perfect accessory. Do you embody the sporty style? Then you will surely find what you are looking for at PICARD.

The crossbody bag - one bag for many occasions

Who would have thought that there would be a bag that is suitable for many occasions. To the ladies, we definitely don't want you to stop owning a lot of bags! As the saying goes, a lady can never have enough bags and shoes! We want you to see this as a great argument to add a new bag to your collection. What would a bag collection be without an all-rounder among bags? We are talking about the crossbody bag for women.

You are probably wondering what makes the crossbody bag an all-rounder? The crossbody bag is not like a briefcase for women or a writing case for women. Briefcases and writing cases for women are usually worn more on official and business occasions. They give the business outfit that certain something and round off the outfit perfectly. The difference to the crossbody bag is that the crossbody bag is versatile. If there is a birthday party followed by a visit to the disco, the crossbody is a reliable companion. Lipstick, powder, money and cards will find a good and safe place in it. If you are invited to a wedding, the dress code is usually chic and elegant. If you have a crossbody bag in your bag collection, all you have to do is ask yourself how to get home safely. Because your outfit will be stylish, elegant and chic in a nutshell. The motto one bag many occasions? 100% true with a crossbody bag from PICARD.

Dress versatile, fashionable, practical, sporty and elegant - the crossbody bag

It is impossible to imagine the world of fashion without crossbody bags. They are practical and look stunning. You can also buy them in every possible color. Are you wearing a bright and summery dress? Then you will definitely find the right crossbody bag in a summery color at PICARD. Crossbody bags are also great for giving away. Your husband, a good friend or your brother will be amazed when you give him a men's crossbody bag. Because these are not only valued by women. The fashion-conscious man also likes to use crossbody bags, because they prove to be practical and fashionable companions.

Would you like to have an eye-catcher for your everyday life? Do you want to have the perfect outfit at the next party? Then you have come to the right place with the PICARD crossbody bags. The fashion must-have can be combined with elegant looks, sporty looks or modern looks. It not only rounds off your outfit, it is incredibly practical and no matter where you go, you have both hands free.

Discover the PICARD crossbody bag now and see for yourself!