Women's wallet

High quality wallets for women at PICARD

PICARD offers a wide selection of leather purses, synthetic purses and wallets for women as well as elegant purses for men that are made from the highest quality materials. The designs impress with their clear and matter-of-fact elegance, which always goes along with the trend and offers exactly the right wallet for every type.

PICARD's wallets for women are designed according to classic shapes and proven models, at the same time we pay attention to fashionable trends and current colors. Whether classic and simple, elegant and modern or youthful and playful: Our ladies' purses are real eye-catchers, which were designed unobtrusively and with great understatement. So they always match your current outfit without falling out of the ordinary.

Elegant and practical at the same time: PICARD wallets for women

The PICARD women's wallets not only look good, their inner workings are also convincing. The PICARD Weimar series, for example, offers space for a large number of loyalty and credit cards, a viewing compartment for a photo of your family, for example, or the monthly pass for local public transport, as well as a coin compartment that is secured with an additional zip. So everything finds a place without inflating your wallet. The use of exclusive and high-quality materials also ensures that our wallets are extremely dimensionally stable, robust and resilient.