Duffle Bag

Do you like to travel? Do you like to do sports? Or do you just need a fashionable bag that can accommodate all of your things that you need? Then you probably know that the duffle bag is a stylish, loyal companion. It counts among the bags as a real insider tip and is simply super practical. Because it has a large volume and is a true fashion favorite for both women and men.

Let yourself be inspired by PICARD's models of the duffle bag in different colors and high-quality materials such as leather. So the next trip can begin stylish and casual.

History of the duffle bag - the timeless fashion favorite

History may sound boring at first, but the duffle bag has a long and interesting tradition behind it. As the name suggests, this one sounds a bit strange at first. You're right. Because the duffle bag was created in Belgium. To be precise, in a city near Antwerp. The first start of the duffle bag goes as far back as 1677. A long time ago, but the people back then already knew what was good. Because back then it was necessary to have bags that were robust. From a coarse woolen cloth from back then, the duffle bag has established itself in fashion and has become a true veteran.

Today, top brands design duffle bags in high-quality materials such as leather, in current, modern designs. So whoever says the duffle bag is yesterday's news was very wrong! These bags are recognized and valued as travel bags or sports bags. Pack your valuables, sportswear, your belongings while traveling in a fashionable, elegant duffle bag from PICARD. There are duffle bags in all sizes and they prove to be a loyal companion.

Duffle Bags - The perfect companion when traveling

America, Asia, Africa, Australia who of us doesn't love to travel. Our earth has beautiful places that we would all like to see. Traveling is also just something wonderful in life that no one should be without. Anyone who travels a lot knows that they have to take a lot with them! Cosmetics, shoes, documents, electronics, of course, clothing. A lot accumulates there. That is why travel bags are a must for everyone who goes on a trip. A travel bag is robust and has a lot of space. Your new travel bag is sure to devour all of your belongings. The travel bag can even do something else. PICARD travel bags also look super stylish and elegant. In the timeless color black or in a fiery red.

With a duffle bag from PICARD you are sure to be the eye-catcher at the airport

Often traveling is associated with stress and long waiting times. You may be happy, but one or the other trip can be quite annoying. It is very important not to lose anything, everything has to be easy and quick to find. But we want you to be able to relax on your new adventure. Because PICARD duffle bags are ultra light and usually have several zippered compartments where you have important things close at hand. The extremely high-quality processed duffle bag made of leather guarantees you a pleasant journey, thanks to the comfortable shoulder strap and a stylish design. Next trip planned? Plan your new PICARD duffle bag.

The modern classic - the duffle bag

Bags are a phenomenon. They accompany us for a lifetime, it usually starts with bags for school, now there are bags for leisure, bags for work, bags for celebrating. We love to make bags and create them for the big world of fashion. Duffle bags are special bags, as it is characterized by its diversity. Constantly reinvented, newly created, the duffle bag always proves itself in the tough world of fashion. Very popular with everyone due to the large amount of space this bag creates.

In addition, the duffle bag can be worn in different styles. Very popular among surfers in the 1960s. You shouldn't plan your next beach vacation without your waterproof duffle bag. Swimming trunks, beach towels, sunscreen and of course snacks and drinks are all safely stored in the duffle bag. Much appreciated by campers as a duffle bag backpack. Anyone who likes to go camping knows that they need a bag in which you can stow a lot. You should always be equipped just in case, which is why you need a bag that fits a lot. Or simply as a cool, casual city bag. Who does not know it? You have an appointment with friends for brunch in the morning and coffee in the afternoon at the other end of town. It is practical to have a duffle bag with you that makes you look casual and accompanies you confidently through the day.

With the timeless classic of the duffle bag, you always make a confident appearance.

The duffle bag - your new buddy

A bag, your faithful buddy. Unlike other bags, your duffle bag will never let you down. Do you sometimes find it difficult to decide what to take with you? You have a cool, exciting new journey ahead of you. You have an important sporting event today? Or are you planning a long day where you are actually out and about from morning to evening? There are definetly some things that you will need for this. But you don't have to go without one to bring the other with you! Duffle bags are made for you so that you can take everything with you.

A duffle bag has plenty of storage space so you have everything with you. It scores in functionality as well as in fashionable design. In addition, duffle bags have a comfortable shoulder strap, which guarantees you a high level of comfort. Your new buddy won't let you down, because a duffle bag does what it promises. Discover our popular "Weekend" series in the trendy colors red, cognac, navy, cafe and black. The Weekender will safely stow your valuables, sports gear, travel items such as clothes, etc. The duffle bag gives your outfit that certain something and you are stylish and fashionable on the go.

Are you ready for a bag that fits everything and also looks really good? Then find your duffle bag on PICARD.