Handbag in pink

Pink bag - pure joie de vivre

Treat yourself to pure joie de vivre with a pink bag from PICARD! By the way, pink is the current trend color. This lively and cheerful pink is also called "Radiant Orchid". The exciting thing about this great new color: Unlike in the past, the rose and pink tones today no longer have to be exactly tone in tone, rather a lively mix of pink tones is extremely popular. The name Radiant Orchid expresses this perfectly.

Combining pink perfectly

Pink looks feminine and playful at the same time. But it also strongly depends on the combination with other colors. Of course, not every color goes well with pink. Springlike and cheerful look combinations with white colors, rather childlike and playful is the combination with blue tones of any kind, for example, with a light pastel blue or even a dark night blue. Very beautiful and noble looking pink color accents, can be set for example by a pink shopper, when combined with gray outfits. Red and pink, on the other hand, is always a bit difficult, because both colors are very different in tone. Who wants to combine a pink handbag with a green outfit, should make sure to wear rather darker shades of green, bright green can quickly look a bit "shrill" here. For elegant evening wear, a black outfit together with a pink evening bag is a perfect choice. The pink bag is then an absolutely brilliant eye-catcher and your outfit will look stunning!