Hobo Bag

Hobo Bag

Do you already know the Hobo Bag from PICARD? If you do not know this stylish Hobo Bag yet, then you have really missed something. This PICARD bag is the perfect companion for your everyday life. They are small and yet have enough space for your smartphone, wallet, keys and other small items without which you can not leave the house. The Hobo Bags by PICARD are made of high quality leather material and produced in a modern design. With the stylish leather hobo bag you will attract some envious glances during a walk with your girlfriends. The handbags are available at PICARD in many different variations. The pouch bag cognac and the pouch bags black are the most popular variants. But leather pouch bags can be combined with many things, which is one reason why they are so popular.

A Hobo Bag from PICARD of course not only looks very good, but also offers some advantages. These include that you only have to carry around a chic little shoulder bag with you, instead of one of your large handbags. You will quickly notice that you can still always have your most important companions for your everyday life with you. The high-quality material is another advantage of the Hobo Bags, because the cowhide or buffalo leather is very durable, robust, has a pleasant feel and it smells good. PICARD offers the Hobo Bags in many different colors, color variations, series and variations. This means that there will be something for every taste. For example, if you like to wear black pouch bags made of cowhide or buffalo leather, then the Hobo Bag in black is just right for you.

What is a Hobo Bag?

First of all, we need to clarify the questions of what a hobo bag is in the first place. A hobo bag is a handbag that has a sack or bag-like shape. In addition, the bag has wide straps that make it possible to wear the hobo bags over the shoulder. These handbags have the feature that they collapse when you put them on the floor. The Hobo Bags from PICARD have many useful compartments and often also size-adjustable straps, which allows the bags to be worn either as a handbag or as a shoulder bag. Especially from a fashion point of view, this bag has an important feature, because it has a retro style, which is very much in demand nowadays. In the 90s, hobo bags were described as old fashioned because they had their peak in the 70s. Nowadays, many fashion trends from the past are no longer old-fashioned, but retro. This means that hobo bags are back in style.

However, the hobo bag is not only trendy, but also much more practical than you might think at first glance. Whether as a travel bag, business bag or as an alternative for the shopper when shopping, this bag is very versatile. In the pouch bags leather ladies find all your most important everyday items place. The Hobo Bag looks back on a long history. Already in 1936 the first Hobo bag was produced. An unknown designer sold at that time the so-called Gilda Hobo Bag, which was the first version of the hobo bag known today. A few years later, the design was adopted by many major fashion brands. Jackie Kennedy set several trends in the 50s, among which fell the Hobo Bag. These handbags were so versatile that they were even worn by the hippies a few years later.

What material is the Hobo Bag from PICARD made of?

The company PICARD is known for its high-quality leather goods. The assortment of the renowned fashion brand includes bags, purses and accessories. Most products are made of high quality buffalo or cow leather. The Hobo Bag by PICARD is also made of this noble material. A Hobo bag leather you will find at PICARD exclusively from high-quality fabrics. Each material has its own advantages. The cowhide leather, for example, is smooth and robust. A bag made of water buffalo leather, in turn, has a unique grain structure, which are created by mosquito bites. Hobo bags made of nylon are also very durable and also very light. So you see that each material brings its own advantages. You just have to think about what properties your Hobo bag should have or what kind of stresses it will be exposed to in your everyday life.

Another important aspect is the proper care of your bags. The different materials not only all have their own properties, they also need individual care. Leather goods, for example, need impregnation protection, but there are also big differences in the care of leather goods. Cowhide leather goods can be cleaned with a sponge or a cloth and special leather grease. In the case of leather goods made of cowhide, on the other hand, special cleaning gasoline or a special eraser should be used if the bag has ever gotten a stain. You should also make sure that leather goods are stored properly.

The advantages of Hobo bags

Hobo bags have many advantages, because they are very practical and at the same time fully trendy. Do you also want to have a bag that is fully trendy and will attract envious glances? Then you should get the Hobo Bag from PICARD. The stylish retro bag is what your trendy outfit is missing at the moment.

The Hobo Bag may seem small and impractical at first glance, but that is far from it. Many compartments and plenty of storage space can show the practical bag. It is not for nothing a stylish alternative to the conventional shopper bag. You will find enough space for all your most important everyday companions. Whether smartphone, keys, wallet or maybe even a small laptop, with the Hobo Bags from PICARD you will be surprised how many compartments and storage space they can offer. In addition, the straps of the bag leather can be adjusted, allowing you to hang it over your shoulder. For example, if you are on the road for a long time and do not feel like holding your handbag in your hand, then you can simply hang it casually around your shoulder.

The Hobo Bag is available at PICARD in many different variations

The Hobo Bag is available at PICARD in many different variations. For every taste is something in the versatile range of PICARD. The bags are offered as Hobo Bag Black, Hobo Bag Cognac, Hobo Bag Brown or Hobo Bag gray, to name just a few popular colors, which includes the wide range of PICARD. In addition, the Hobo Bag is cheap at PICARD, which is why you should not miss them.

In addition to the many beautiful colors, there are also many series of the Hobo Bag. Each series has its own characteristics and is offered in different colors and materials. For example, there is the series Eternity. Hobo Bags of this series are made of fine water buffalo leather and are available in both black and cognac. You have beautiful leather shoes in the color cognac and matching leather belt in this color? Then make your outfit complete and get a bag from the series Eternity in the color cognac.

Are you looking for a fashionable pouch bag that is also very practical? Then get the trendy Hobo Bag from PICARD.