Small Handbag

Small handbag - big effect

The larger the bag, the more women tend to pack all the things they don't necessarily need. Then another shirt to change, a second deodorant or a too heavy bottle of water quickly ends up in the bag. Therefore, you should prefer a small handbag every now and then. This has two decisive advantages: On the one hand, you really only take the most necessary things with you in a small leather bag. And secondly, small handbags are easy on your shoulders and back. Because let's face it: sometimes it's enough to have the most important things - wallet, cell phone and keys - with you. Find a beautiful and at the same time practical small handbag in the online store of PICARD. The German traditional company manufactures since 1928 high-quality and classic, elegant models for men and women.

Small handbag from PICARD: modern and elegant at the same time

At the traditional company PICARD there are large and small models for every taste. Whether you are looking for evening bags or you like a spacious shopper better. If you are invited to an evening event or ball, small handbags are recommended. Inside these only the most important things have their place, which at the same time offers a light carrying comfort. Who wants to walk around with a huge bag at a ball? In addition, a small handbag has a significant advantage: it does not steal the show from your evening dress very easily! In our PICARD online store you will find many beautiful models, from elegant-romantic to classic-robust. If you still want to put a little highlight to your simple gown, then the PICARD Scala series is just right for you. Here you will find unique specimens made of precious satin, decorated with beautiful drapery and in asymmetrical design.