Cosmetic bag

The cosmetic bag - practical utensil for on the go

Even perfect make-up needs to be refreshed every now and then. A cosmetic bag is practical for this on the go. Thus, all care and make-up products are always tidy and organized, individual items are no longer so easily "lost" in the bag. The cosmetic bags also offer enough space to have, for example, medications or eye drops always at hand.

Important for cosmetic bags is that they are easy to clean. Cosmetic bags from PICARD are made only from the highest quality materials, which can be cleaned very easily and quickly with a damp cloth. More is often not necessary!

With a cosmetic bag you are also very flexible: If you change the bag more often, then you only have to repack the cosmetic bag and everything is again with you as usual.

For larger trips, a cosmetic bag is of course not quite enough. Here it is recommended to take an additional suitable toiletry bag!

These practical helpers should not be missing in any cosmetic bag

A make-up bag should always contain everything you need for a spontaneous overnight stay with friends. So, in addition to the usual selection of cosmetics and grooming products, you should also have a small toothbrush and a mini tube of toothpaste with you. Of course, you won't want to brush your teeth all the time and everywhere, but it's definitely helpful to be able to fall back on them in an emergency. To be on the safe side, you should also take a few plasters in different sizes and some aspirin with you.

If you always want to have your favorite products with you, you can put them in a separate bottle. This is particularly practical for large original bottles, which of course cannot always be taken along. Empty bottles for filling are available in drugstores and craft stores.