Leather handbags for women

Leather handbags – the classic beauties

Everyone probably knows leather bags! And for good reason: They are popular everyday companions because they are robust, feel good and look beautiful. You can find leather handbags for men and women in different colors, sizes, styles and shapes. Big or small? Subtle or bright? Leather handbags in brown or black are the stylish classics, while colorful models are shaking up the fashion world. What do you choose? Discover your new favorite leather handbag in our shop - a companion for every day. Or for very special occasions.

No matter what the occasion – leather handbags for women are always top styled

A long stroll through town with your sister, a fun cocktail party with your girls, a gala evening at the opera with your loved one or a business lunch for networking: thanks to their compact size and the wide variety of shapes and colors, handbags are simply the ideal companions for all the smaller and larger occasions that life has in store for you.

Leather handbag models with adjustable straps allow you maximum freedom of movement when partying and dancing, while straplessevening bags such as clutches conjure up a touch of glamour in every single one of your appearances. Handle bags in classic, muted colors add style to your business look without breaking the formal framework, while the colorful pouch bags and hobo bags add the necessary portion of casualness, fun and joie de vivre to your leisure looks. Whatever you have planned: your new leather handbag will accompany you in all your plans. Whether it's a round of dancing with the girls, a cozy glass of wine in the bar or a well-deserved vacation - you'll find the right leather handbag in our shop. But one thing is certain with all the different models: all leather handbags from PICARD are made of high-quality materials and have a unique quality. This makes them long-term, reliable companions. A bag for a single summer? More like for a handful of them.

More than just a bag: leather handbags from PICARD

From classic evening bags to compact and practical models for leisure time and business bags for your everyday work - a bag can support you in every area of ​​life. Our leather handbags not only impress with their versatile looks, but also impress with their handling and functionality. Smaller outside and inside pockets provide a little extra storage space, while buckles, zippers and magnetic closures prevent you from losing your belongings while you're out and about. Every women's leather bag also needs a little care. You can also find tips on how to care for leather handbags on the PICARD website, including in our leather blog .

For good reason: leather handbags

Leather is a natural material. And that is exactly what makes it so special. Because of the natural forces, it not only has a very special look, but is also extremely durable. While cheap artificial leather materials quickly flake off and sometimes show signs of wear after only a short period of wear, leather handbags can be a classy companion for many years with the right care. And even if a few signs of wear appear, they only give a leather handbag a valuable patina. Leather is hard-wearing, tear-resistant and can also be processed in different ways. Our leather handbags are made from different types of leather. Some of the leather is in its original color, such as brown in the case of leather handbags, and some of the material is professionally dyed.

High-quality leather handbags

The right accessory enhances your outfit. From earrings to scarves to handbags. Each one stands on its own and gives your outfit a very personal touch. Because no matter what beautiful bags you have in your closet or what designer clothes cling to your skin: style cannot be bought, you either have it or you don't! Our high-quality leather handbags give you and your style that certain something. Black leather handbags have always been the timeless classic that gives every wardrobe a certain degree of elegance. Apart from that, leather handbags can always be easily combined with various different items of clothing and styles. Because especially in times when the topic of sustainability is being held up more and more, you should question yourself. Do you really need 25 handbags, or should you rather focus on quality?

We found the answer to this question a long time ago. Leather handbags are not only timeless, classic and stylish, but their high quality also means they can always be repaired if necessary. This means they are sustainable from the ground up. Your companion for every situation in life is waiting for you!

Large leather handbags – your savior in times of need

The documents for the upcoming meeting keep slipping out of the folder. Damn, now they're dirty. Not particularly serious. The laptop in your hands is just a nuisance; you actually wanted to use your gestures to emphasize during the discussion with your colleague why the project cannot be implemented like this. The drinking bottle with the smoothie you made this morning keeps slipping out of your bag. Who said that these handbags are practical in any way? The handle also looks like it's about to disappear. Leather handbags are robust and stylish. But what's even better is that they make your everyday life easier. Because if there is something that makes normal everyday life easier in even a certain way, you should take advantage of it. Our leather handbags not only offer you a certain aesthetic, but also a level of comfort that other beautiful bags don't offer.

Because even though leather handbags are popular in different designs, sizes and styles, we all know that without a certain level of comfort, this leather handbag will just stay in the closet.

Caring for leather handbags: 3 basics you should know

There are various ways of caring for the product, but these cannot generally be generalized, as the care varies greatly depending on the material. Some products that help with some materials can actually cause damage to others. Therefore, if in doubt, it is always important to ask the manufacturer about the specific model.

  1. Waterproofing your leather handbag: As we have already said, leather is a very durable material. That is precisely why we use it for our handbags. Nevertheless, if it is not cared for properly, it can crack over time. To ensure that your leather handbags remain as beautiful as they were on the first day, you should take care of them accordingly. There are special products for this, such as waterproofing sprays. Waterproofing protects the leather from moisture and dirt.
  2. Protect leather from drying out/fading: You can treat leather handbags with special care creams or a care milk. These protect the leather from drying out and fading. You can easily apply the cream to the leather with a soft cloth - similar to shoes. It's a different story with suede: You can care for it with a leather brush and get the best out of your bag again. If you choose one of our patent leather handbags, you'll have the least amount of care work. You only need to clean this leather with a damp cloth now and then.
  3. Storing leather handbags properly: Do you carry your leather handbag with you every day? Small leather handbags or evening bags in particular are only used occasionally and then lie in the closet or hang on the coat rack. Storage is also an important factor in ensuring that your leather ladies' bag stays beautiful for a long time. A dust bag protects the leather handbags from UV light and direct sunlight. You should also avoid stacking or folding the bags.

It is best to always pay attention to the additional material and care instructions. This way you will be able to enjoy our leather bags for a long time.