Nylon bag

Do you already know the nylon bag from PICARD? This particular handbag brings many advantages. The material nylon, from which the shoulder bag was made, is particularly robust and at the same time also very light. This results in the optimal material for a shoulder bag, as this bag offers great advantages especially for people who often have back pain. Many bags have the disadvantage that they are relatively heavy even when empty and at the same time you can not distribute the weight so well on the back. The shoulder bags made of nylon are very light and can be easily hung around the shoulder, so the weight of the bag is optimally shifted. In addition, it is also important that bags are sturdy so that they can survive the demands of everyday life. In this respect, the nylon handbag also performs well, as the material is very robust.

However, a nylon bag from PICARD is not only practical, but also a real fashion accessory. Therefore, the nylon bag is also available in different colors, color combinations and series. So you can be sure that also something will be there for your taste in the large assortment of PICARD. In addition, there are also different variants of the nylon handbags. The nylon bags are available as shoulder bag, pouch bag and backpack, handle bag, switch bag and much more. Just look in the online store of PICARD and convince yourself. If you have a retailer in your city, which also offers products from PICARD, then you can also simply inquire with him.

The nylon bag is an all-rounder in extra light!

The nylon bag is something very special because, unlike most bags from PICARD, it is not made of high quality leather, but nylon. Nylon brings exactly the properties that a good raw material needs for a bag. Nylon was the first fully synthetic material and belongs to the polyamides. This synthetic fabric has the distinctive feature of being very light. The low weight creates a very high wearing comfort and especially for people who have back problems, so a nylon bag is just right. In addition, it is very tear-resistant, stretchy and durable. It is not for nothing that this fabric was used in World War II to make parachutes for the soldiers of the Allies. This is a good example of how tear-resistant, stretchable and durable this raw material is.

So shoulder bags made from this fabric are very tear resistant, stretchable and durable. Especially if the shoulder bags have to withstand a lot, because they are used as travel bags, for example, a nylon bag is advantageous. You have surely had to throw away one of your shoulder bags after using it as a travel bag. This is because the shoulder bags are squeezed in a luggage compartment on a plane or bus, where they are subjected to a lot of stress. Especially in an airport, there is a lot of time pressure, so employees often just throw the luggage in the cargo hold to save time. A nylon bag from PICARD is much more resistant and not so susceptible to dirt, which makes it ideal for traveling.

Fancy a lightweight handbag? How about a shoulder bag nylon ladies...

The nylon bag is not only light and practical, but also an absolute fashion accessory. At PICARD we know exactly what matters when we want to produce a bag. This is because PICARD has been producing high-quality bags for many decades. These are usually made of fine cowhide or sturdy buffalo leather. Now PICARD has also brought many different variants of the nylon bag on the market. These bags are very light, sturdy and stretchy. These characteristics make the nylon bag the perfect carrying bag.

A nylon bag is especially resistant to stains caused by oil or different chemicals. Moreover, the bag is also easy to clean. So you don't have to worry anymore if you use such a high quality bag. If you get stuck on a fence or a door handle, this is no problem for the nylon bag, because it can withstand such strains without any problems. This practical material has many advantages, which is why it has already found application in many products. The Allies used it to make their parachutes during the Second World War. In addition, the raw material was also used for the production of toothbrushes or stockings.

How versatile the nylon bag is, can be seen in the large assortment of PICARD. At PICARD, stockings, parachutes or toothbrushes are not produced, but there is everything from the shoulder bag to the small switchbag in the assortment. You can also choose which accessories you would like to have for your nylon bag. From magnetic closure to different handles, there is everything at PICARD.

The nylon bag is available in many different variants

The handbag nylon of PICARD is available in many different colors, color combinations and series. PICARD offers, among others, the colors beige, brown, red and black. These colors can be easily combined and match any outfit. In addition, there are the different series, which all have their own charm. The following series are offered at PICARD: easy, S-Pore, Scala, Sonja, Switchbag and TipTop. Just choose the right nylon bag ladies for you. To do this, you just have to go to the bag dealer of your choice or on the website of PICARD. Then you can click through the large assortment of PICARD and filter the results according to your individual needs.

Many people prefer the color black for their handbags. A nylon bag in black you can also find at PICARD. You can simply enter in the search bar of the online store "bag nylon black" or "handbag nylon black". For example, if you are looking for a nylon shoulder bag for ladies in blue, then you can also simply enter "ladies shoulder bag nylon blue". Then you will receive all the blue nylon shoulder bags that PICARD currently has in stock. No matter which color you prefer, at PICARD you will find your nylon bag in your favorite color. Are YOU a real handbag lover who likes to wear BLACK? Then the nylon handbags in black are just right for you.

The nylon bag also works wonderfully as a gift for your loved ones. Is your best friend's birthday coming up? Or is it Mother's Day again soon? Then give something special this year. The large assortment of PICARD is available in so many colors and series that you will certainly find something for your best friend or your mother. Does your mother like to wear blue shoulder bags, but they often cause her back pain? Then give her a light blue shoulder bag, which is also very elegant.

Discover now the nylon handbags shopper

The nylon bag comes in many different varieties. In particular, the nylon shoulder bags are very popular, but there are at PICARD also simply handbags nylon, the nylon shopper bag, the nylon bag small or for example the foldable nylon bag. As you can see, there are many different variants of the nylon bag.

So you need to think about what you need a bag for. Are you someone who often gets back pain when wearing a handle bag? Then you should try a nylon shoulder bag, because it is much lighter than a conventional bag and distributes the weight better on the shoulders. A nylon bag foldable has of course the practical advantage that it can be easily stored in a larger bag or suitcase. The nylon bag shopper is designed to have enough space for your shopping. In addition, this nylon bag is also very durable and stretchy, which allows you to easily store all your shopping in it without damaging the nylon bag.

Nylon bag with zipper - practical, safe and lightweight!

The nylon bag has many advantages, which it owes, among other things, to the high-quality material nylon. These bags are very strong, stretchy and durable. In addition, a nylon bag does not mind if it gets dirty once. A shoulder bag ladies nylon, which has become a little dirty, for example, during a walk in the park, can be easily cleaned. To do this, you can simply apply a gentle hand wash, using a mild soapy water to remove larger stains.

PICARD's nylon Switchbag is not only practical, but also safe, as it can store your most important valuables and keep them safe. With its secure closure, this chic nylon bag prevents you from losing your valuables. You can always carry a nylon switchbag in a large bag. Through this practical little helper for your everyday life, you always keep track of your valuables and if necessary, you can simply store your large bag in the car or a locker and just carry your small Switchbag nylon bag. The lightweight fabric makes the Switchbag ideal as a nylon bag.

Of course, the biggest advantage of the nylon bag is that it is also very light, in addition to the other advantages. Especially for a bag that you carry and not drag behind you, this is a great advantage. For example, if you want to make a trip to another city, then you will surely take a bag with you, which you will have to carry during the entire stay. In this situation, it is of course advantageous to have a lightweight nylon bag.

Do you know the problem that your bags are often too heavy? Then discover the lightweight and durable nylon bag from PICARD now.