PICARD Offenbach

Elegant and high quality - purses from the series PICARD Offenbach

The purses from the series PICARD Offenbach are wallets in a very classic and therefore timeless design. If you buy a wallet from the series PICARD Offenbach today, you will still enjoy it in a few years. The elegant look and chic design are created by the processing of the finest cowhide leather.

The purses are practical and generously designed: In a wallet from the Offenbach series you will find numerous slip pockets, a coin pocket with zipper and various card slots. The generous division makes the chic wallet a valuable companion in everyday life. Important receipts, credit cards, coins and bills find enough space. The wallets from the Offenbach series are chic accessories with style and strong expression - for women and for men. Let the materials, colors and shapes convince you and order from PICARD leather goods that you will enjoy for a long time.

PICARD Offenbach: stylish and confident in everyday life

A purse is for women as for men not only practical, but also a fashionable accessory. The purse must combine high-quality material with fashionable demands. Nowadays, it is not only important to have enough space for coins and bills, but also for cards of all kinds. We have countless cards: customer cards, credit cards, business cards, etc.. All these cards must find their place in the wallet.

PICARD Offenbach offers you sensibly designed models that are practical and elegant at the same time. Great effect and a lot of joy are guaranteed! Gone are the days when you had to dig in your wallet for a long time to find the right card - the designers of the wallets from the series PICARD Offenbach have thought it through and found many functional solutions to make your life easier.

Take a look online today and choose from the extensive range of small leather goods! You will enjoy a wallet from the PICARD Offenbach range for a long time, because high quality standards and perfect material processing are a promise with PICARD Offenbach!