Social Responsibility 2.0



PICARD is a company that operates internationally because it recognized the global networking of the economy as a perspective early on. In addition to the main plant in Obertshausen, PICARD set up a production site in Bangladesh in 1995, followed by a plant in Ukraine in 2011. From the very beginning, PICARD has supported the development of disadvantaged regions locally and places great value on fairness towards everyone involved. In addition to all its internationality, PICARD is closely bound to the principles and standards of a family business. This also underlines its social commitment.



As a family business, social values ​​are our top priority. We therefore act not only sustainably in the interests of the environment, but also in the interests of the well-being of our employees worldwide. In order to be able to pass on these values, we secure appropriately paid jobs in Germany and in all other countries in which we are represented, in order to preserve traditions and craftsmanship, and ensure that production and safety standards are continuously improved. To be sure of this, we do not hand over our responsibility on site to subcontractors, but are ourselves involved in ensuring that the highest standards are the norm in the production facilities.

Our Code of Conduct encompasses PICARD's fundamental values: respect, freedom and dignity. We, PICARD, our contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and licensees, are all committed to living and implementing these values. To underline this, we are part of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which promotes social justice, as well as human and labour rights.




We also support our production plants with training opportunities. We not only value occupational safety and the health of our employees, but also the prospects on site. With our training programs and the PICARD school, we actively support the future of our employees. We also offer training in our craft businesses, with which we help to reduce youth unemployment. This is why our plant in Bangladesh, for example, has already received numerous awards. Our company-owned kindergarten enables employees to pursue their employment and also learn to read and write at the same time. Health care is also important to PICARD. We offer the opportunity to have regular medical examinations on site at the company. We also encourage employees to take part in sporting and cultural activities in their free time.

Our social commitment and striving for social justice is what defines us as a family business.