Tote Bag

The right bag for every occasion: the Tote Bag by PICARD

It is fair to say that tote bags have been the fashion sensation of recent years. The spacious tote bag has been on everyone's lips from zero to one hundred and no woman wants to miss out on this fashion trend today. Tote bags are large, open bags with handles that are very short, so that the bags can be carried on the wrist or forearm. Originally made of jute - as a replacement for the environmentally unfriendly plastic bag - the tote bag is practical for carrying a variety of products. Whether books, cosmetics, beachwear, laptop or work documents: practically everything can be perfectly stored and transported in a tote bag.
The all-round tote bags are available in practically every imaginable color and size. Tote bags are often very spacious and yet look classy thanks to their material, which makes them ideal office companions. The Shoppers go with both jeans and business suits. They are made of nylon, linen or other similarly tear-resistant fabric. They are therefore very robust and extremely durable - you will enjoy a tote bag for a long time. An ideal companion for shopping, school, university or the office. You can also find a large selection of elegant tote bags made of high-quality leather at PICARD online.

Space for everything: Practical carrying bags at PICARD

Whether you're shopping in jeans or wearing it to the office with a business suit, the tote bag is easy to style. Choose the tote bag from PICARD in different materials and sizes: whether as a small leather bag or a larger nylon bag - a hip tote bag is always elegant and goes with any outfit. The bag not only looks very chic, it is also extremely practical. The tote bag from the Easy series from PICARD, for example, is available in many timeless colors. In addition to black, blue and brown, numerous trendy colors are also being added this new season. At PICARD, you are spoiled for choice. Let yourself be convinced by the numerous models from the PICARD collection and order your tote bag today at the best price.