Diaper bag


Diaper bag: everything quickly at hand

It is often really hard to imagine what young parents have to take with them when they go out with their little one: strollers, bibs, warmer clothes to put on, a hat, burp cloths, a bottle, pacifiers, diapers... And of course everything should be stored compactly and be quickly and easily accessible in case of an emergency. Nobody likes to waste time rummaging through various bags when a baby is loudly expressing its displeasure.
Of course, the diaper bag is particularly important in this context. If the diaper is full, it is very uncomfortable for the child and it should be changed quickly. Fresh diapers, wet wipes, baby powder, etc. should ideally be stored together in a diaper bag and be quickly accessible with one hand. A wide opening without complicated buckles and fasteners is therefore an advantage in a diaper bag.
Of course, you want to be mobile and flexible even with a baby. That's why a diaper bag should be easy to carry on your shoulder. Practical Shoulder bags for hardening inserts on the diaper front can be found online at PICARD.

Practical accessories with style

Even if you, as new moms and dads, have a lot on your plate with your "little miracle": do yourself a favor and pay attention to your appearance, you will feel much more comfortable. In addition to chic outfits, great accessories also make you feel good.
In addition to their well thought-out compartment layout and practical use, PICARD diaper bags also impress with their classic and beautiful style. Great designs and high-quality materials are always guaranteed at PICARD. Take the shoulder bags from the PICARD Hitec series, for example: Modern design and ultra-light synthetic fabric make these bags an absolute trend accessory. They are so versatile that you can use the Hitec bags as a business or leisure bag as well as a high-quality diaper bag.
In PICARD's practical online shop, young parents can shop conveniently from home around the clock. After all, who knows when the little one will give you time to go shopping!