Berliner Fashion Week mit PICARD
Several hundred thousand people come to Berlin every year for Fashion Week and celebrate fashion and creativity. This September, the Berlin Fashion Week was rocked once again by the Anja Gockel Show - and we were there!

As PICARD is the official bag partner of fair fashion designer Anja Gockel, the looks of her models are rounded off with our handbags. The results of this are incredibly coherent and beautiful! The meaning behind our cooperation, the cohesion and mutual complementation, can not only be seen but also felt.

The Hotel Adlon Kempinski is a well-known location for Anja Gockel's breathtaking shows. What's new: here was an up-close foretaste of the Spring/Summer 2023 collection! In the first show under the motto "Move on", the upcoming bags were staged. Be curious about models that convey a real summer feeling. Get ready for unique silhouettes, quilting and patterns. Bright, colourful colours and earthy tones are incredibly popular.

"Move on" was literally implemented in the show. Impressive walks, aesthetic poses and extravagant dance productions amazed the audience. As a result, all eyes were on the models' looks.

Movement is not only a counter-voice to inertia, but is joy, pleasure, excitement and aesthetics - what you need to live. This is what Anja Gockel says about her collection, which she dedicates to movement: "It is the reflection of my constant evolution towards a holistic vision in which everything is connected to everything else and everything keeps moving. "

Afterwards, the second show presented the current autumn/winter collection under the motto "Weltgewand(t)".

"The motto "Move on" fits perfectly with the attitude to life that we want to convey with our brand,'' says our managing director Georg Picard. We can only agree with that.

Be curious about what awaits you in spring 2023!

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