Taschen-Spende an Flutopfer
We again supported the victims of the flood disaster with a donation.

On 14 July 2021, the Ahr valley and the surrounding area were flooded. Everything was taken away from the affected people as a result. For a year now, they have been fighting their way back into everyday life. In many places, progress is slow. The consequences of the flood disaster are enormous and probably hard to imagine for those not affected.

Last year in October, we donated 700 bags worth 50,000 € to the Ahr valley. Most of the bags were given to local families at a fundraising event. They were very pleased with this donation as there is a great shortage of basic necessities in the flooded areas.

This year we also want to bring joy to those affected. Boxes full of bags and backpacks were opened and distributed together at a day care centre in Swisttal-Odendorf.

The day care centre was closed for almost 12 months. The reason was the damage caused by the flood. Only some of the children could be accommodated in other kindergartens. Many parents who were affected by losses and damages additionally took long journeys to care for their little ones.

To be able to put a smile on the children's faces after such drastic changes and challenges is very fulfilling. The gratitude of those affected for each and every donation is immense and we are planning further actions to support them!
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