Taschen-Trends für den Herbst

Autumn is just around the corner and has brought new trends with it. Are you interested in the latest fashion trends and do you always want to stay in style? Then this short overview of bag trends will come in handy!

Wearable art - probably the most extravagant bag trend this year. It goes hand in hand with the trend of maximalism, where more is more! Another take on this trend is the bag as a statement piece. Bags that are true works of art even at first sight are quite rare. Dreamlike patterns can be the art form you wear to this trend. For example, the gobelin style embodies pure romance, is made of woven fabric and creates a stylish overall look. 


After the "home office look" was dominant in recent years, with its cosiness on the bottom and the chic look on the top, the "9 to 5 chic" is back! With the return to the office comes the desire to dress up again. Blazer and tailored trousers are a must for this trend. Of course, you will also need a business bag to stow your work documents and round off the whole outfit. A strong impression for your meetings becomes as easy as pie!


Quilted bags are totally popular this autumn and should not be missed in your bag collection! They look classy and refined, yet sporty and modern. The quilted pattern often makes a striking appearance in designer looks and can enhance a casual look in no time. A wallet in this style is also very chic.


The so-called "geometric bags" are in high demand this autumn. Everything that resembles a circle, triangle or square is welcome in this trend. Curved bag shapes quite literally round off your outfit and can be the eye-catcher of your look, whether in bright or subtle colors. The moonbags that emerge from this trend are our favorites!


The XL shopper is probably the most laid-back trend this year. With an incredible amount of storage space, you can be sure to have everything you could possibly need with you. Especially for a shopping trip, this trend is just convenient. Comfortable and practical, an "oversized" shopper is the latest thing on the runways!

The animal print trend never passes us by. This autumn, it focuses on bags in particular, which become eye-catchers with their striking design. Among other things, animal print is a form of subtle maximalism. Whether snake, leopard or crocodile - we offer something for everyone.



Bright colors usually accompany us in summer, but this autumn is going to be colorful! With the weather getting greyer and greyer, a splash of color is just what we all need. A handbag in a bright color is perfect for this trend, as it can be combined in many ways and is also practical. Your bag will be the highlight of your autumn outfit.


Be ready for the autumn trends and shop what you like! Have you already seen our new products in the shop? No? Then discover them now.

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