Must-Haves für den Strand

Must-Haves for the Beach

Summer is finally here: the sun is shining, it's warm and holidays are within reach! That means more free time, more enjoyment. Whether it's a two-week trip or a day trip to a beach, having the right things with you is essential.

One thing is clear, you're definitely screwed without a towel. It's not just for drying off after a swim, but can also be used as a beach towel!

You should also bring appropriate clothing. You might want to wear your swimwear underneath and something loose over it, be it a dress or an airy T-shirt with shorts.

You can't just lie on the beach and splash around in the water, so if you get bored of resting and relaxing, try listening to some music or reading a good book. If you find it hard to just sit, bring a ball and get active.

In between all the fun, keep yourself hydrated. Bring plenty of water and snacks. They're good for you!

Don't forget the smaller summer essentials either: Sunscreen, sun hat and sunglasses. They will protect you from the sun and are more than necessary on a warm day! Because sunstroke or sunburn is no fun for anyone....

You should also take care of your sunglasses! We can recommend our glasses cases for this purpose. They are made of robust, high-quality leather and come in both plain and bright colours. They keep your sunglasses safe and protect them from dirt and scratches.

Brillenetui Taste

Brillenetui Taste R109

What makes the beach unique, but also annoying, is water and sand. At the end of the day, the sand can be everywhere and even the things that should stay dry are wet. And you're dragging the fun home too....

That's why we think a sturdy and lockable bag is a must-have for the beach! This way you can pack your essentials safely and find them again without any trouble.

Our Sonja series is the best choice for beautiful beach days! The different models are all very sporty and chic, yet can withstand a lot. They are made of robust, yet feather-light fine nylon with additional details in leather look, which is especially suitable for occasions like a visit to the beach. The surface of the bag is therefore water-repellent, which takes away many of your worries.

Shopper Sonja 2497

Rucksack Sonja R307

Each of these models has enough space for a towel and other things for the beach. Do you prefer a shopper? Or would you prefer a backpack? You'll find what you're looking for here! You can also choose between many colour variations.

How do you end a day at the beach? With a chic dinner on the promenade or a cocktail in a bar? Or maybe go dancing or sing karaoke? It's all up to you, of course.

A great companion for an exuberant evening after a successful day at the beach is the Yucatan series. With their synthetic material, these models are light and durable - which makes them perfect for the beach as well as afterwards. In addition, the braided look is a chic eye-catcher for all activities afterwards!

Rucksack Yucatan 3122

Back at your accommodation after a long day in the sun, be sure to hydrate your skin and hair. Aftersun for your skin and conditioner for your hair can help. Our Speed toiletry bag can hold all your toiletries. It has a simple, smart design and can easily be hung on the hook to save space!

Kulturbeutel Speed 2860

And now, are you ready for the beach?

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