Overview of bag types

Overview of bag styles - the secret to your perfect outfit

With so many different bag styles and shapes to choose from, it's easy to lose track of what you're looking for. Our bag type guide solves this problem for you! PICARD bags offer you a wide range of bag types in different shapes, colours and sizes.

This bag lexicon will help you find out which bag types and shapes you can wear, how, when and where. And what was what again? Kelly bag, baguette bag, hobo bag or crossover bag? In this blog article, we will of course look at the different models and explain exactly what bag shapes are available. This way you can decide what suits you and your needs best. An overview of bag types to make your choice easier!


Equipped for every occasion - these are the bags you should know about - Your bag types at a glance

The ladies' evening bag includes different types of handbags that are generally worn on festive occasions. This ladies' handbag is suitable for an elegant evening at a bar, an exhibition or a dinner with friends and should not be missing from our bag types overview. If possible, this accessory should be in a colour that harmonises with the clothes you are wearing. Different types of bags can be counted as evening bags.


Women's handbags -the classic evening bag

Take the clutch for example. This model is a small, elegant ladies' handbag without a handle. The shoulder bag and the satchel are also among the most popular models worn as a classic a classic evening bag. These types of bag are explained in more detail in our overview of bag types. Their elegant design and delicate finish make them perfect for going out. Another advantage is that this type of bag is easy to carry.

Unlike the other bag types we present, this bag usually contains only the most important things, so you can find everything you need with just a flick of the wrist.


Overview of bag types - casual and fashionable everyday bags

A pouch bag can be used for normal everyday use. The name is almost self-explanatory, as this large women's bag has a pouch shape. These bags are ideal for the office or university because of their large storage space. However, the biggest advantage can also be a disadvantage. Keeping the bag tidy and organised is a little more difficult with this type of bag than with others. If you want to escape the problem of always having to search for your keys, you can also use a specially designed key case. This accessory is not only practical, as it can store important items such as cards, keys and cash. It also protects other valuables such as mobile phones and tablets from scratches.

The so-called hobo bag is a bag that almost every woman knows and could not be missing in our overview of bag types. It is usually relatively large, crumpled and has a shoulder strap. This is not a classic business bag, but a casual model for more informal occasions and outfits. Especially for women inspired by the style of the 60s and 70s,the hobo bag is a must-have. There are now many smaller variations, but all inspired by the hobo bag.

The belt bag is practical, elegant and sporty. Not only for festivals or club nights, but also for everyday use. The advantage of this bag is obvious: you have both hands free and your valuables close to you. A waist bag can be a casual accessory worn with trainers. But thanks to our high quality design, this type of bag can now easily be combined with dresses and skirts. This type of bag has made a comeback in recent years because it can be worn over the shoulder as well as across the body. This is why it is an essential part of our bag range! The numerous options in terms of design and colour combinations, coupled with a high level of comfort, have made this women's bag the bag trend for 2021.


Elegant & functional through the working world with these business bags

Well-known business bags include briefcases and laptop bags, which is why they are included in our bag types overview...
These are the types of bags that make everyday office life easier and, ideally, look good too. Our briefcases sare perfect for carrying files, folders or other business documents.

We offer the traditional and timeless leather business bag with handle and buckle. Our business bag "Authentic 4266" has a high quality finish and can be carried comfortably over the shoulder.

If, on the other hand, you like things a little more unconventional and colourful, writing case "Funky 4987" is for you. The bold splashes of colour add that extra something to the office routine and are ideal for storing your documents.


Handbag shapes for every purpose - Bags Ladies & Gents

The handle bag is a slightly more elegant version of the pouch bagas it is slightly smaller and less pouch-shaped. It has one or two handles, which can be shorter or longer. A classic is the Kelly Bag. To go back to the terms in the introduction, we have added a brief overview of bag types here: A Kelly Bag is a handbag made by a luxury fashion brand and named after the former Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. This type of handbag has become a classic and is produced in different sizes and variations. This handbag is one of the best known and most popular types of handbag and is synonymous with good, almost noble, taste. Our interpretation of this timeless classic is handle bag "Princess R301". The neutral yet sophisticated colours of black, white and magnolia will complement your outfit. It looks particularly elegant with heels and dresses.

As the name suggests, the shoulder bag the shoulder bag is carried over the shoulder. Shoulder bags are also very popular as "Crossover Bag" for men. If you are looking for small bags for men, the crossover bag is the right choice. This type of bag comes in all different sizes, colours and shapes. They represent a higher category.


Elegant and stylish bags - the baguette bag

A baguette bag is a type of shoulder bag. It harkens back to the style of the 90s, and since its comeback, it has caused quite a stir! It owes its name to the French bread "baguette", as the shape of this bag is reminiscent of the French speciality. The baguette is making a fashion comeback, especially in 2022. Practical and cute, this small ladies' bag has many advantages. As a rule, a baguette bag is ideal for carrying your most important items. Your mobile phone, wallet, keys and make-up all fit easily into this bag. It can also be carried over the shoulder for added comfort. This elongated bag is reminiscent of a clutch, but with the distinct advantage of being worn over the shoulder. All in all, it is the perfect accessory to add the finishing touch to a lady's outfit. Our evening bag Berlin 5977 in dark, classic black and ocean is perfect for this.


Effortlessly and stylishly through the weekend - large travel bags for men and women

Travel bags include the weekender and the leather toiletry bag. The weekender is the perfect bag for a spontaneous weekend away. This is usually a large shoulder bag with integrated handles. You can easily and comfortably carry the essentials for your trip. A weekender can also be used as a stylish gym bag.

It's hard to imagine travel and everyday life without a toiletry bag. For this reason, this small and practical bag should not be missing from our bag types overview! All your essentials in one place, sorted and easy to find.

The classic and evergreen: the backpack. Not only is it ergonomic, it is also fashionable. It distributes the weight of your load evenly across your back. At no time is any of your shoulders overburdened. This prevents muscular imbalances. Good taste and physical health are not mutually exclusive. After all, "if you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer" has long since gone out of fashion. Backpacks used to be frowned upon because they ruined an otherwise perfect outfit. But those days are over, thanks to a growing range of fashionable styles. Timeless bags like our Sonja backpack combine comfort and elegance.


Our bag type guide - something for every taste

In short, there is a bag for every taste and occasion - and our Bag Type Guide should have given you a good overview of the different types. In this bag type guide we have explained in detail what the different models are all about and how you can combine them. A bag is much more than just an accessory. It is a lifesaver when you need to store everything from an umbrella to a change of clothes or make-up. It is the start of a weekend away that you deserve. It's an accessory that makes you feel special. Discover the quality bags in our online shop now!


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