Unsere Geschenkideen zum Vatertag

Our Father's Day gift ideas

Dads are our superheroes, our encouragers and all-rounders. There is hardly anything that dads can't fix. That's why Father's Day is the perfect occasion to give them something back and show how much you appreciate all their heroic deeds.

To help you find just the right gift for (your) dad, we've collected gift ideas to suit every type of father. Whether it's the do-it-yourselfer, the business dad, the adventurous one or the sporty one, here you'll find exactly what suits every father best!

The Handyman

Whether it's building a garden shed or screwing together a new chest of drawers, your dad is an absolute genius when it comes to crafts. That's why one thing is important when it comes to bags: it has to be practical and able to store all his crafts.

Messertasche Chef R113

Rucksack Buddy 5891

The Business Dad

Your father is usually smartly dressed, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. Whether on a business trip or at an important meeting, no important documents should be missing. That's why a laptop bag or a briefcase is just the thing for your dad.

Aktentasche Breakers 2462

Schreibmappe Buddy 4310

The Adventurous Dad

Most of the time you'll meet your dad outdoors, whether hiking in the mountains or at the town festival next door. Your dad is adventurous and always ready for his next adventure. A loyal companion, be it a waterproof backpack or a practical fanny pack, should of course not be missing on all these adventures.

Fahrrad-Flaschenhalter Bikebottle R131

Rucksack Buddy 4862

The Sporty Dad

Your dad loves everything that moves. So his style is always flexible to match. Whether with sneakers and a backpack or a casual hoodie and a sporty shoulder bag, your dad is always well-equipped to master everyday life stylishly yet comfortably.

Rucksack Speed 2396

Schultertasche S'Pore 2955

You can find more gift ideas for Father's Day here.

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