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Black briefcase – confident, stylish and a must-have for your everyday business life

We've all been there, haven't we? The alarm has just gone off and now you barely have time to put on your jacket, let alone find the right accessory to go with your outfit. It's also important to have all the necessary things, whether for private or business, neatly and compactly together. Damn! Now you've stuffed everything into your bag, but where's the laptop? And your office keys? Don't worry! We at PICARD are here to help you and with our black briefcases made of high-quality leather, a stressful morning will be much more relaxed in no time. We solve a thousand questions and countless problems with just one answer: black briefcases for men!

With its classic color and fantastic design, this practical companion is a must-have for any business day. Our black briefcases not only impress with their appearance, but also offer you excellent quality with a smart, well-thought-out interior. This way, you can easily and super-organize your notebook, folders, keys and lunch in your new black briefcase. With enough space for other small items such as business cards or your favorite pen, you can start your day motivated and completely stress-free.

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Leather briefcase – black makes it possible!

Why you should choose the black briefcase and no other could ever do it justice is super easy. Because it is not only classic and exudes perfect elegance, but also impresses with many other aspects. Black briefcases are timeless pieces of jewelry and will not go out of fashion today or tomorrow. They also adapt to every season, are easy to carry and exude self-confidence. With this accessory at your side, you can't go wrong. On the contrary, if your leather briefcase is black, you've done everything right! Hold on tight, because that's not all. The unique color goes with every combination you have. It doesn't matter whether you choose a simple suit with gray elements today or whether you want to wear a pink shirt. Jeans, cotton or linen, the black briefcase rocks every one of your business looks with ease! An all-rounder that underlines your sovereignty with your colleagues and accompanies you with elegance and a certain strength.

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Briefcase Men Black – a no-brainer for all business people!

In the professional world of men, the black briefcase is one of the most important accessories and is also very popular. There is a reason for this, because this companion simply has it all. With it, you are ideally prepared for all important appointments with your customers or meetings with superiors and colleagues.

Our black briefcase supports every businessman with its wonderful and extremely practical compartments. Nothing gets lost and everything is in order. Notepad, laptop, cell phone and tablet are always within reach. Even keys and business cards stay exactly where they are. Make it stress-free, do it with the black briefcase!

So if you want to appear at the board meeting or other various meetings with a confident and authentic aura and also carry a fashionable accessory with you that not only looks super chic, but also makes your everyday life easier and cleverly comes to your aid, the black briefcase is indispensable.

Briefcase women black – Not just for men!

Anyone who thought that black leather briefcases were only suitable as men's bags was very wrong. Because with the delicate and delicate design with which we create our women's bags , they also wonderfully compliment a feminine look . Not to mention the elegance. Aesthetic metal details and careful stitching give the whole thing the right touch . Ladies, pay attention, because the women's briefcase in black is also easy to rock your outfit .

Pencil skirt, suit trousers or dress, our black briefcases make every style shine. A must-have for the fashion-conscious business woman . Make a statement, draw admiring glances and stand out from the crowd. With this companion you can conquer the working world in a relaxed, stylish and serious way in no time. It almost sounds like magic, but it isn't. Our black briefcases make it possible!

Black briefcase – leather is our specialty!

As you have probably already figured out, we are known for our high-quality leather products. Some items from our range have even appeared at one or two fashion shows. And all of this is because we place great value on processing and manufacturing. Of course, we use our traditional craftsmanship, which PICARD has passed down from generation to generation. Of course, a good portion of heart and passion for our work is a must. Our love of detail is the icing on the cake! Visually appealing, comfortable to wear, high quality, smart interior and extremely practical. These are our black leather briefcases!

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4 reasons why your black briefcase should be made of leather

When choosing a black briefcase, you should definitely choose high-quality, long-lasting and high-quality materials. We are firmly convinced that a leather briefcase is a must. Why, you ask? Below we have put together a few points that will answer this question for you!

  • In addition to the fact that the black briefcase is versatile and can be combined with the leather material in many different styles, it also exudes a certain class. A luxury material that conveys exactly that. With the leather briefcase, not only does the bag itself look high-quality, but it transforms your entire appearance and conveys authority.
  • Very important point: PICARD's black leather briefcases are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We attach great importance to this aspect and are always working to keep our wonderful planet as green and clean as possible!
  • Black leather briefcases are very durable and can even last a lifetime if properly cared for. The perfect family heirloom. A little treasure in your wardrobe, so to speak.
  • Unfortunately, it is unavoidable, because over time most black briefcases develop small cracks and show "signs of age". Leather also ages, but the difference is enormous. The luxury material collects a unique patina and retains its high quality. Resistant, robust and super fashionable.

High-quality briefcase in black – you’ll find your favorite piece at PICARD!

On our website you will find numerous variations and versions of the black briefcase. From a wide range of colors and tones to models and shapes. You are sure to find what you are looking for with us. A little paradise full of breathtaking bags with quality to the max. We offer wallets and cell phone cases to match your black briefcase. In short: you will find everything your heart desires at PICARD! On our blog you can find out all the important points about leather and learn so much more about our products! What are you waiting for? It's time to go shopping.